Photo taken from the stands with CAB supporters

Land of rugby par excellence, Brive la Gaillarde is proud to have a Rugby Club which plays among the best French national teams. Relegated to Pro D2 for the next season, supporters imagine the same scenario for the end of the season: joining the elite and the Top 14 as the team did in 2018. In the weekends, you're all waited at the Amédée Domenech stadium to support the Black and White team! We promise you the atmosphere in the stands will be great, just as it will be on the field where we like to see our beautiful athletes go up against sometimes fearsome opponents.

A historic club 

The Brive Athletic Club was created in 1910 from the merger of the Football Club Briviste and the Stade Gaillard. At this time, the 126th Infantry Regiment was transferred from Toulouse to Brive, and included among this unit many athletes who would come to strengthen the current team. 

Very quickly the Club will establish its reputation at regional, national and then international level by playing its first game against a Welsh team. Victory is not there but the Corrèze Club is not giving up anything.

Important human values

Integrity, passion, solidarity, discipline and respect are the essential values ​​of rugby. These values ​​were defined in 2009 by the World Rugby federations. They are recognized in companies for which management is important: honesty, feeling of belonging, spirit of camaraderie... values ​​that we find at Brive Tourisme!

A father and son shouting during a match in raising the CAB flag

The CABCL ranking

Success is here! Champion of the Yves du Manoir Trophy in 1996, CABCL has participated in 3 French Cup finals.

The Black and White club can be proud of having even won the European Cup in 1997 against the Leicester Tigers team! A memorable era with names that still resonate in the rugby world: Laurent Travers, a native of the country who is now coach at Racing 92, Alain Penaud, whose son plays at ASM...

A center of excellence

Created 20 years ago, it is an approved training center which welcomes young athletes. Many disciplines are taught there: communication, management, sales, IT... allowing youngsteres to get a recognized diploma while practicing their favorite sport. We also support players at the end of their careers, to help them think about the future and support them in their professional retraining choice.  

CAB players on the field with a BRIVE structure

Pratical information

Parking, accessibility, ticketing, we give you all the information!

Where to park next to the rugby stadium?

A stone's throw from the Stadium, on the other side of the Corrèze river, the 3 Provinces park has 254 free places, between the CGR cinema and the Leclerc shopping center. Ideal for accessing the entrance doors on the Avenue Léo Lagrange side. 

There are also parking facilities in the two car parks between the ice rink and the bowling alley, or the small adjacent streets allowing access to the stadium, Derichebourg lounge, where major events, pre or post-game meals take place, but also to access the lounge (behind the end caps).

Stadium accessibility

Stadium doors usually open 1h30 before the games and on site, you can wait quietly and quench your thirst at the refreshment bar. Same thing at half-time and at the end of the games, just to debate from the game. Food trucks are also installed around the Stadium, to get yourself a snack or a nice meal, depending on your appetite.

Where to buy game tickets?

To buy your tickets, get to the official club ticket office. Be careful, some games are big events and places are snapped up within a few hours after the announcement of their date! But don't panic, even if the stands are full, you will be able to attend by "weighing in" as they say in sporting jargon: standing around the field, as close as possible to the action.


Rugby calendar

The 2024 - 2025 sports season

The rugby season begins on August 30, 16 and continues until May 2025, XNUMX, before entering the final stages. The dates to remember to attend a home match at the Amédée Domenech stadium in Brive are:

  • 30/08: Brive/Oyonnax Rugby
  • 20/09: Brive / Stade Aurillacois
  • 11/10: Brive / Biarritz Olympic
  • 25/10: Brive / US Dax
  • 08/11: Brive / Colomiers Rugby
  • 29/11: Brive /US Montalbanaise
  • 06/12: Brive / AS Béziers Hérault
  • 20/12: Brive / SU Agen
  • 17/01: Brive / USON Nevers
  • 07/02: Brive / Soyaux-Angoulême XV
  • 14/02: Brive / Stade Niçois
  • 07/03: Brive / Stade Montois Rugby
  • 04/04: Brive/Valence Romans DR
  • 18/04: Brive / Provence Rugby
  • 09/05: Brive / FC Grenoble Rugby
CAB players grouped together on the field

Our tip The legendary Brive rugby club

Photo of supporters in the stands with their drums singing

To admire Brivists in their natural environment, head to the Stadium on a game day. It is in this den of the Ovalie that CA Brive has played since 1921. In the stands, we vibrate, we shout, we fully support our favorite rugby club. Before the game, children can have fun in the Kid's Park. After the game, still overwhelmed by emotion, go take a look at the store. With your brand new jersey, you are now part of the CAB family.

116 avenue du 8 mai 1945,
19100 BRIVE
05 55 74 20 14

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