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The Brive-la-Gaillarde Foires au Gras

The Brive Foires au Gras season announces the end-of-year celebrations and attracts gourmets looking for high-quality products: fattened ducks, fattened geese and capons arrive in abundance on the stalls of the Brassens market. Around thirty producers from the region, always as enthusiastic as ever to expose their most beautiful web-footed birds, mulard and Muscovy ducks foies gras, the most extraordinary goose foies gras or their capons with the most promising taste, are ready to be judged by the specialists. After deliberations, the jury proudly presents the prizes to the producers rewarded for their remarkable work.

5 good reasons to go to the Foires au Gras

  1. Quality ensured! The products offered are local and meet a quality charter.
  2. Meet and greet with producers 
  3. Enjoy the Foire des Rois and have your foie gras canned!
  4. Conviviality and deliciousness are on offer with the tastings offered by the Tables Gaillardes.
  5. Don't leave without a truffle. It will give even more flavor to your canned or cooked dishes!

The 2024-2025 Foires au Gras schedule

  • November 23, 2024: foire au gras

  • December 7 2024: award-winning geese and ducks fair

  • December 14 2024: capon fair

  • January 11, 2025: Foire des rois (preparation and canning of livers for free)

  • February 1, 2025: award-winning geese and ducks fair

  • March 1, 2025: closing fat fair

view of the tricolor cockade of the fairs hung on a duck

Pratical information

Where do the Foires au gras take place?

Under the Georges Brassens Hall, at 12 quai Tourny in Brive-la-Gaillarde.

At what times?

The Foires au gras take place at the same time as the market, throughout the morning. (Morning only).

Where to park to get to the Foires au gras?

  • Underground parking lot with direct access to the market square for 1 euro on Saturday!
  • Overhead parking lot: 2 hours free every day!

Activities planned during the Foires au gras

Fairs hosted by the chefs of Tables Gaillardes

On the occasion of each award-winning fair, the chefs of the Tables Gaillardes come to put on the show. Taking the products directly from the market, 2 to 3 chefs take orders from the kitchens set up every Saturday for these very special occasions and invite you to follow their advice on cooking, conservation of products but also tasting. Guaranteed seduction operation!


The origin of the Foires au Gras 

The fairs and markets of Brive are as old as the town itself: as early as 1218, a market was held on Fridays. 

The number of fairs in Brive multiplied at the end of the 1795th century. A “catalogue of Brive fairs” dated back to 20, lists 1970 of them. It was in XNUMX that the winter fairs became the Foires au Gras.

The Foires au Gras in figures

  • Up to 2500 ducks and geese sold and marketed per week from November to March.
  • 30 producers present on the Brive market. They come from the large Brive basin: Lower Corrèze and the bordering cantons of Dordogne and Lot.
  • 80 approved equipment producers in Corrèze.
  • 80 ducks and geese for direct sale.
  • Production: 99% duck.

 Geese, ducks, capons subject to a quality charter

Anxious to maintain the reputation of these fairs and to reassure consumers, the City of Brive, the chambers of agriculture of Corrèze, Lot and Dordogne, the management of veterinary services and the producer unions have defined a QUALITY CHARTER guaranteeing product traceability, traditional force-feeding with grain corn and other requirements that you can find with most producers on the market coming to the Foire au Gras.

The Foire des Rois

The January Fair is an exceptional fair. Buyers have the option to box their foie gras for free.

Purchases must only be made on that day from producers. Boxing registrations close at 10:30 a.m. A maximum of 2kg of foie gras per person is allowed. In order to maintain maximum quality in the finished product, only duck foie gras weighing between 350 and 550 gr and goose foie gras weighing 450 to 900 gr will be canned and will be carefully selected by the producers.

The controlled Truffle market

The black diamond of Périgord is also in the spotlight during the fair season.

Schedule of controlled truffle markets

  • controlled truffle market from Saturday December 7, 2024 to Saturday December 22, 2025.
  • award-winning truffle market: date to come soon

Un controlled market The sale of fresh retail truffles of the “melanosporum” type begins from 8:15 a.m. in the Salle Brassens.

The truffles are all checked, one by one before being put on sale from 7 a.m. in the morning. An additional guarantee of quality, ensured by inspectors approved by the departmental federation of truffle growers of Corrèze.

The controlled market will open with the bell at 9 a.m. in a designated space in the Brassens room.

The Mycogastronomic Brotherhood and Brotherhood of the Black Diamond generally attend this winter meeting.

A gentleman checks the quality of a truffle under the gaze of visitors

Our tip Gourmet pleasures of a fair

View of preserved foie gras at the Brive Kings Fair

A Saturday between december and the beginning of March. There are crowds under the Georges Brassens hall in Brive-la-Gaillarde. You are also there to wander between the stalls overflowing with capons, geese, ducks all duly plucked, jars of foie gras, confits, truffles... Fortunately you came with your basket and you will not return empty-handed at home. Note that during the Foire des Rois which is held beginning of January, you have the privilege of leaving with your purchases canned and boxed for free.

Foire au Gras
19100 BRIVE
05 55 24 08 80 (Brive Agglomération tourist office)
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