The Free Trade Fairs of Brive

Find children's rides, duck fishing, rifle shooting, thrill rides, simulators, etc. and many other attractions of all kinds that usually make the heart of the city beat so that young and old can have a great time.


Dates of the 2024 edition:

Free Fairs will return the 8 June  and will take place for 2 weeks on the Place du 14 Juillet and in the Jardins de la Guierle, for the enjoyment of young and old alike. (End of Free Trade Fairs on June 23). 

In the programme : 

  • 54 fairgrounds and 77 trades and rides await you during the Free Fairs
  • Fireworks : June 8 and 23 at 22:30 p.m.
  • Half day price: Tuesday June 18 from 20 p.m. and Wednesday June 19 from 14 p.m. (afternoon and evening).
  • Duration: : Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays from 14 p.m. to midnight and Fridays and Saturdays from 14 p.m. to 2 a.m. (Please note, schedules may vary depending on attractions, weather or crowds)

List of rides present at the Free Fairs: 

Here is the list of major attractions for this 2024 edition
- Infinity (new)
- Shake Off (regular)
- Salsa Dance (regular)
- Rock It (regular)
- Black Fly (restyled)(return - last arrival in 2016)
- Drive (regular)
- Burst (regular)
- The Octopus (regular)
- Techno Power (regular)
- Star Tower (regular)
- Modern Skooter (regular)
- The Apple (regular)
- Ghost Train “Halloween 2” (return once in 2019)
- Oklahoma (regular)
- Las Ferias (regular)
The list may change between now and the end of the party setup.

History of the Brive Free Fairs

The free fairs of Brive have existed for a long time: it is a letter patent from King Louis Later, in 6, an article in the newspaper La Croix de la Corrèze reported that more than 1768 wagons were needed to transport 17 visitors to the free trade fairs!

old postcard showing the free trade fairs of Brive

Today, the free trade fairs, after more than 250 years of existence, remain one of the highlights of the life of our city, but the carousels have replaced the wool and livestock merchants!