Cinema Festival: Brive International Medium Film Meetings

Every year, Brive hosts the Cinema Festival: international medium-length film meetings.  The 21th meetings will take place from April 8 to 13, 2024 at the Rex Cinema.

It is a space where professionals can interact together but also directly with the public. The Brive Cinema Festival also aims to bring out new talents in filmmaking by showing works made in this format that is both free and demanding.

What is a medium length film?

Medium length is a film format of 30 to 60 minutes. Created in 2004, the Brive International Medium-length Film Meetings are the first film festival dedicated to this format. 

Poster for the 20th edition of the Brive Cinema Festival in 2023

Around twenty films in competition

This festival is supported by the city of Brive-la-Gaillarde, the department of Corrèze institution, the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region, the Ministry of Culture and by the National Center for Cinematography (CNC).

This 2024 edition will be the 21st. It will allow you to watch around sixty films over six days. On the competition side, around twenty films will be selected from the medium-length films produced last year.

  • An Asian Ghost Story by Bo Wang
    (2023 / Hong Kong - Netherlands / Documentary / 37 min)
  • Bricks by Thomas Salvador
    (2024 / France / Fiction / 31 min)
  • Damn cormorant by Ines Clivio
    (2023 / France / Fiction / 35 min)
  • Fureru by Kyosuke Takada
    (2023 / Japan / Fiction / 60 min)
  • Gamma by Kaori Oda
    (2023 / Japan / Documentary / 53 min)
  • Getting Older is Wonderful by Fabrizio Polpettini
    (2023 / Italy - France / Documentary / 57 min)
  • I saw the face of the devil by Julia Kowalski
    (2023 / France / Fiction / 36 min)
  • Kaktuszember by Olivier Rudolf
    (2023 / Hungary / Fiction / 47 min)
  • The Enchantment by Nicolas Giuliani
    (2024 / France / Fiction / 45 min)
  • The house is burning, we might as well warm up of Ouyahia Mouloud known as Aït Liotna Mouloud
    (2023 / France / Fiction / 43 min)
  • The Ruins in summer by Marguerite de Hillerin and Félix Dutilloy-Liégeois
    (2023 / France / Fiction / 32 min)
  • Green eyes by Sacha Teboul
    (2023 / France / Fiction / 30 min)
  • Madame Rodin or Mature Age by Lana Cheramy
    (2024 / France / Fiction / 40 min)
  • Norwegian Offspring by Marlene Emilie Lyngstad
    (2023 / Denmark / Fiction / 44 min)
  • Our Loyalties by Alexia Portal
    (2024 / France / Fiction / 36 min)
  • Petar by Anastasija Pavlovic Kulundzic
    (2024 / France / Documentary / 47 min)
  • Reset by Souliman Schelfout
    (2024 / France / Docu-fiction / 49 min)
  • Hello Zins! by Paul Nouhet
    (2023 / France / Fiction / 46 min)
  • Skatepark by Fanny Chaloche and Annabelle Martella
    (2024 / France / Documentary / 35 min)
  • Solaris My Love by Kuba Mikurda, Laura Pawela and djLenar
    (2023 / Poland / Documentary / 47 min)
  •  Spirits of the Black Leaves by Thaweechok Phasom
    (2023 / Thailand / Experimental / 30 min)
  • Wild Fruits by Bernardo Zanotta
    (2024 / Netherlands - France / Fiction / 35 min)

The program for the 2024 edition

A festive edition

22 films will be in international competition during this edition and 25 films will be presented out of competition. The main events of this meeting are: 

  • the opening ceremony : Monday April 8 at 20 p.m.: opening screening of the film Le Mot de Cambronne by Sacha Guitry - presented by Noël Herpe. (At the Rex cinema)
  • Cine-concert Thursday April 11 at 20:30 p.m.: with extracts from the film by Nanni Moretti, a creation
    by Mathieu Bauer - Cie Tendres Bourreaux. (At the Brive Theater)
  • Karaoke on Friday April 12 at 21 p.m. at Cinéma Le Rex.
  • Family cinema Saturday April 13 at 14 p.m. at the Rex cinema)
  • Awards ceremony: Saturday April 13 at 17 p.m. at Cinéma Rex.
  • Theater evening Saturday April 13 at 20 p.m. at the Théâtre de Tulle. The Walker's Law, by Nicolas Bouchaud. Shuttle from Brive, departure 19 p.m.
2024 poster for the Brive Film Festival: International medium-length film meetings

Image education actions

Programming dedicated to school audiences, every morning, by level; the screenings are accompanied by specialized speakers.

Several operations are also carried out for audiences far removed from cultural practices (accessibility, culture, education, etc.).

Professional and thematic meetings

  • Pitch workshops: Pitch medium film and Pitch Talents in short Nouvelle-Aquitaine
  • Public deliberation of the Critics’ Union
  • Round tables and meetings are organized as part of the festival by national and regional professional organizations: SRF, Région Nouvelle-Aquitaine, ALCA NouvelleAquitaine, NAAÏS, PEÑA, CAPNA, CINA, Imagi'NA - Image education center of NouvelleAquitaine , Collective of cinema and audiovisual festivals of Nouvelle-Aquitaine, France Travail Spectacle…

Prepare your visit to the Brive Film Festival

During this festival many hosts are ready to welcome you, so you can enjoy the festival which lasts for over 6 days. It is also an opportunity to visit our magnificent city and its surroundings in your spare time. Our Restaurants are there as well to help you discover all our tasty regional products, perfect for awakening your taste buds during your stay in Gaillard land. 

Useful information

Find the complete program, all schedules and prices on the website of the festival.