The Vézère Festival irrigates the region of Brive and allows the development of our senses, eager for virtuosity! In July and August 2024, the Festival will celebrate its 43rd birthday. 

The Vézère Festival, more than 40 years of music… of love and passion!

Nothing predestined Isabelle de Lasteyrie du Saillant to one day lead the Vézère Festival “as a conductor”. And yet, more than 40 years ago, she began this crazy adventure with her husband Guy. An incredible epic, punctuated here and there with great and small joyful moments but also with a lot of uncertainties. After so many years, the Festival is still a dream for experienced audiences as well as young initiates. The recipe for this success ? An inconditional and limitless love for music which always tends towards beauty. A country that she thought inaccessible in her child's heart but which turned out to be universal once you listen. Listen... to open up to a new world, to a sensitive and sensory odyssey that is accessible to everyone! 

This event is now under the leadership of Diane du Saillant, particularly attached to developing this remarkable work already accomplished by her parents. More than ever, she wants to focus on youth and experiences.

The Vézère Festival: a gaillard and responsible event!

  1. The opportunity to discover internationally renowned artists
  2. Attend concerts in unusual places allowing you to appreciate the local heritage (Pans de Travassac, Colette Gardens, etc.)
  3. Have access throughout the year (since the creation of the winter season) to quality musical events.
  4. Create a sustainable culture of singing and musical creation in schools, neighborhoods and socio-cultural centers, thus promoting social diversity. (Choir singing workshops, “Orchestra at school” masterclasses)

Highlights of the Vézère Festival - summer 2024

  • Monday July 8: Gabriel Bianco, classical guitar. At 17:30 p.m. at the Chapelle du Saillant.

  • Monday July 8: Marina Viotti, mezzo-soprano and Gabriel Bianco, classical guitar, at 20 p.m., at the Grange du Château du Saillant.
musicians during their break at the Vézère Festival in the castle gardens
  • Wednesday July 10: Vincent Fernandel and Franck Ciup. Pagnol evening. At 20 p.m., the Esplanade de la Grange Rouge de Turenne.
  • Thursday July 18: Cinema with music with Elodie Soulard and Laurent Korcia. At Les Pans de Travassac, Donzenac, at 10 a.m.
  • Thursday July 18: Cinema with music with Elodie Soulard and Laurent Korcia. At the Allassac slate quarries at 19 p.m. (In case of bad weather, possible withdrawal to the Allassac cultural hall).
  • Sunday July 21: Sotiris Athanasiou, guitar, and Julien Beautemps, accordion. At 17:30 p.m. at the Sothys Gardens, in Auriac.
  • Monday July 22: Sotiris Athanasiou, guitar, and Julien Beautemps, accordion. At 20 p.m. in the Malemort church (COMPLETE).


  • Friday July 26: La Tempête vocal ensemble. At 14:30 p.m., at the Collegiate Church of Brive.
  • Monday July 29: 3 women at the piano, 3 styles with Gayané Gharagyozan. At 15 p.m., at the Grange du Château du Saillant.
  • Monday July 29: 3 women at the piano, 3 styles with Nour Ayadi. At 17:30 p.m., at the Grange du Château du Saillant.
  • Monday July 29: 3 women at the piano, 3 styles with Jodyline Gallavardin. At 20 p.m., at the Grange du Château du Saillant.
  • Wednesday July 31: Stroll with the Bird Singers. At 17:30 p.m. at the Jardins de Colette.
  • Wednesday July 31: Bird Singers and Zahir Quartet. At 20 p.m. at the Jardins de Colette.
  • Saturday August 3: Belgrade vocal ensemble. Alexander Karpov, soloist & conductor. At 11 a.m. or 20 p.m. in the Objat church.

Diva Opera

  • Thursday August 8: Diva Opera, The Barber of Seville. At 20 p.m., at the Grange du Château du Saillant.
  •  Friday August 9: Diva Opera, La Traviata. At 20 p.m., at the Grange du Château du Saillant.
  • Monday August 12: Karol Beffa, piano and Pierrot du Saillant, story. At 11 a.m., at the Grange du Château du Saillant.
  • Monday August 12: Buster Keaton film concert with Karol Baffa. At 17:30 p.m., at the Allassac cultural hall.
  • Monday August 12: Karol Baffa and Johan Farjot. At 20 p.m., at the Grange du Château du Saillant.

Ticket office: 05 55 23 25 09 

The second winter season of the Vézère Festival 

Because music offers moments of pleasure and sharing, timeless moments that must be extended beyond summer, the Vézère Festival is offering a new winter season 2023-24.

It strengthens its roots in the gaillard land with most of the events in Brive, at l'Empreinte and at the Conservatoire. It also welcomes music lovers again to the Auditorium Sophie-Dessus in Uzerche.


  • On the artist side, sure values ​​of which the Festival keeps the secret and which make its success. Julie Depardieu, of which the show at the Colette Gardens this summer brought together a very large audience, will celebrate Cocteau on the occasion of the 41st Book Fair. As we celebrate the 60th anniversary of his death, this show will immerse spectators in the atmosphere of the 20s with a popular musical program: Satie, Stravinsky, Poulenc... by the sisters Lidija and Sanja Bizjak who promise a complicit four hands on the piano.
    Saturday November 11, 20:30 p.m. – Théâtre de Brive.
    In partnership with the Book Fair and the City of Brive.
Julie Depardieu presents at the Brive Book Fair 2023 with the Vézère Festival
  • The pianist of Martinican origin Wilhem Latchoumia will return to Corrèze for a trip to Spanish and Brazilian lands. The favorite composers of this chameleon artist who likes to explore less popular repertoires will be in the spotlight: Villa-Lobos and de Falla. We will have the pleasure of welcoming him on the occasion of the release of his new album, which, like the previous ones, should be a great success.
    Thursday November 16, 20 p.m. – Théâtre de Brive.
    In partnership with l'Empreinte, Brive – Tulle national scene.


  • A true ambassador of her instrument, Anaïs Gaudemard“loves the harp for everything we don’t know about it.” She will reveal her wide range of sound at the Brive Conservatoire at the beginning of December with a “Sérénade pour une muse” around Mozart, Debussy... and one of the most beautiful compositions for harp “La Source” by Zabel.
    Friday December 1st 8 p.m. – Brive Conservatoire.
    In partnership with the Brive Conservatoire.

  • Then, it’s a trip to Paris on the Orient-Express that the sparkling soprano will offer. Marie Perbost accompanied by the pianist Jean-Michel Dayez. Full steam ahead, departure from the Czech forests (with Dvorak), then all kinds of detours (Puccini…) before arriving at the bottom of the Eiffel Tower (Chopin, Debussy)! 
    Thursday January 25, 20:30 p.m. – Auditorium Sophie-Dessus d’Uzerche.
    In partnership with the Auditorium Sophie-Dessus and the City of Uzerche.

  • During March, we will have the honor of welcoming for the first time two of the greatest musicians on the classical scene! Anne Gastinel, cello and Claire Desert, piano will offer a broad journey through the Romantic century, from the sonatas of Brahms to those of Debussy. Claire Désert will perform with young students from the Orchestra classes at the Allassac and Objat School. This winter season once again offers great space for artistic and cultural education activities.

    Wednesday March 13 15:30 p.m. & 20 p.m. – Théâtre de Brive.
    In partnership with l'Empreinte, national scene Brive - Tulle

  • Sing'in Corrèze " concerts will conclude in mid-May in the most beautiful way this season. Make way for youth with the vocal ensemble Apollo5 for a program entitled “Origin”. The lives we lead, the loves we share, and the stories we construct exist as a consequence, whether intended or not, that can be derived from a point of origin…
    Wednesday May 15, Thursday 16 and Friday 17 – 3 concerts / 3 locations.

Our tip Classically yours at the Vézère festival

View of the estate with the pond

Here is summer and with it the return of the Vézère festival dedicated to classical music. The first concert takes place within the walls of the Château de Saillant before spreading to other pretty places of Corrèze heritage. Where will you go to listen to a trio, a quartet, a symphony, an opera...? Make up your mind quickly, because the performers, all of great renown, attract crowds. You'll see, you'll never have loved life as much as after a concert.

Vézère Festival
10 boulevard du Salan, Brive-la-gaillarde
19100 Brive-La-Gaillarde

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