Enjoy Mother’s Day!

Published on May 21, 2024 by Cecile Lacour

Mother's Day is approaching and you are looking for gift ideas or little touches to pamper your mothers? There is no shortage of ideas for spoiling them. Impossible not to find the ideal gift for your beloved Gaillardes ❤!

A 100% Cheerful Mom

Clémentine introduces us to the four generations of her family!

Family is undoubtedly the cheerful value that is most important to us. 😊 You too immortalize this moment as a 100% guy! And in your shop you will find the gift for all generations!

Three generations of mothers wearing the 100% Gaillard brand for Mother's Day.

T-shirts, bags, clutches, leather goods, glitter socks, jackets etc etc... there is something for all tastes and for all budgets! So what are you waiting for?

We invite you to meet us to find the ideal gift:

100% Gaillard store
24 Rue de la république 
19100 Brive la Gaillarde
 09 81 98 16 55

Our opening hours 

  • Tuesday to Saturday: 10 a.m. to 13 p.m. / 14 p.m. to 19 p.m.

Ideas for gourmet Gaillardias

  • Offer them chocolates or other sweets that you can get from the Lamy or Bovetti chocolate factory, among others.
  • For lovers of hot drinks, "Nico's Workshop","Grandma's Salon","Chantilly"" Bit of chat » Miss Dragonfly, will offer you assortments as well as different small objects that will make you fall in love.
  • And why not offer a good bottle of wine, an aperitif or a selection of beers to share with the family? We are fortunate to have locally three brasseries quality (La Brasserie Gaillarde- La Banou- Brasserie du Causse) as well as numerous wine merchants (The Branceilles cellar, Coteaux de la Vezère, Chant d'Ardoise, Distillerie Denoix, Distillerie Bellet, Cave du pic vert, Un amour de Vin, Les vins d'Olivier or even Erik's cellar). And to accompany these drinks, we suggest you accompany them with tapas or delicatessen dishes that you can find at Clément Counter, has The Combe de Job or Lepetit Cannery for example.
  • Take advantage of the terraces to enjoy a meal from our chefs restaurants or brasseries. Many also offer takeaway meals or special menus for the occasion. 

Focus on local crafts

Collectors will appreciate a beautiful authentic object that shows our local know-how:

  • La Corderie Palus, family business of artisanal and traditional long rope.
  • Objatoise Cutlery (And don't forget the tradition! When you give a knife to a loved one they must give you a coin in exchange so as not to cut off your relationship 😉).
  • Lakopé offers expertise from several local artists and craftsmen.
  • Brin de Peau leather goods making a unique handbag.
  • The workshop-boutique of The Alchemist, refined and elegant handcrafted creations in blown glass. 
  • Maria Monari Jewelry, creator of sensitive and poetic jewelry. Rue de la République in Brive. Tel: 06 07 95 55 42
  • The fir tree ceramic workshop

Relaxation and well-being as a gift

Our Gaillardines also need to take care of themselves and relax. It's time to treat them to well-being, by offering them a touch of softness with the artisanal soaps made by Traditional soap ou The Bois Vignaud Factory.

Always with the aim of offering them a moment of relaxation, you can offer them a group gift (Mother's and Father's Day) and suggest they spend a night in unusual accommodation. Among them, we find Once upon a time in the heart of our woods, Wabi Sabi Lodge Game of dome, The House of StarsThe Caravan of Domaine du Breuil, The Sweet Parenthesis, The Idyll,It can also be a night in charming accommodation like at Lissac Castle , The Blue Mill, The Louvadour barn, theWalnut Alley.

And why not a beauty treatment, in one of the hair salons in By19!

For moms looking for adventure

Finally, young people like challenges and adventure: now is the time to offer them gift vouchers such as entry to a park Tree Climbing park.

For sports moms, offer her an initiation O'Padel, golf, to a course aquagym at the Objat Eco swimming pool or come and test a course of Via ferrata!

And what about a first flight in hot air balloon ? Taking to the skies and flying over the most beautiful landscapes that our destination offers is a dream that is not unattainable. Corrèze Montgolfière can offer different take-off sites.

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