Program for the 80th anniversary of the liberation of Brive

Published on May 28, 2024 by Marie-Laure

During the Second World War, Brive-la-Gaillarde, occupied by German troops in 1940, became a center of active resistance. On August 15, 1944, Allied troops landed in Provence in an operation and created a crucial diversion. Three young heroes, from the surrounding maquis, decide to take the lead and liberate Brive from the German occupation. Their courage and determination made Brive the first liberated city in France. This day remains a symbol of resistance as the first liberated city in France. The liberation of Brive on August 15, 1944 marked the end of four years of Nazi occupation, a moment of relief and jubilation for its inhabitants, honoring the courage of the heroes of the Resistance and allied soldiers.

80 years later, a program of activities is planned until mid-October to remember this page in the history of Brive-La-Gaillarde which well deserves its name!

Calendar of events

May 2024

  • From January until August 15 : distribution on social networks by the Edmond Michelet Museum of the diary kept by Jean GOUTINES during the occupation until the liberation of Brive, August 15, 1944.

  • From May 21 until February 12, 2025 at the Edmond Michelet Museum: exhibition "Anna GARCIN-MAYADE: Art against oblivion" as well as a room dedicated to the liberation of Corrèze and Brive.

  • May the 27 : ceremony of the "National Day of Resistance" at Place du 15 August 1944 and inauguration of rue des Soeurs Granet and rue des Frères Valéry.
Exterior view of the Edmond Michelet museum in Brive

June 2024

  • Monday June 17 at 18 p.m.: "The Appeal of June 17, 1940 by Edmond Michelet" in the Gardens of the Michelet Museum. From June 17, 1940, Edmond Michelet distributed a leaflet in the mailboxes of Brive containing a text by Péguy: "he who does not surrender is right against him who surrenders". This is one of the first calls for the Resistance on French soil.
  • Tuesday June 18 to Saturday September 22 : Exhibition of liberation propaganda posters from the collections of the Michelet museum around the Saint-Martin collegiate church.
  • Tuesday June 18 : Implementation of 2 memorial route applications by the Edmond Michelet Museum concerning monuments and steles in the city:
    - 1 application: Interactive replay of the memory trail carried out by the museum and veterans' associations,
    - 1 application: Installation of a touchscreen terminal in the permanent route of the Edmond Michelet museum. The application will evoke the Resistance in Brive through maps, archive documents and a resistance diary.
  • Tuesday June 18, plaque rue de Corrèze: “General LALANDE” ceremony organized by Souvenir Français, Brive Committee and the SMLH.
  • Tuesday June 18 18:30 p.m., at the Stele of the place of August 15, 1944: Ceremony “Historical appeal of General de Gaulle”.
  • Tuesday June 18 at 19:10 p.m. at the Rex cinema: Screening of a short film, 'Ceux du rail' by René Clément followed by the conference 'General de Gaulle' by Mr Jean-Luc BARRÉ, Plan editions.
  • Friday June 21 22 p.m., Place de la Collégiale: “Les Satin DollSisters” Music Festival Concert
  • Saturday June 22 : Arrival in Brive of the Flame of the Unknown Soldier. Action managed by Souvenir Français and the Brive Committee.
  • Saturday June 29 15:30 p.m., conference room of the Labenche museum: Conference “The liberation of Brive: the time of new possibilities” by François David.

July 2024

  • From 10 to 23 July, programming cinema week at the Rex cinema: "The Liberation, the Resistance seen through cinema". On the program: be or not to be" by Ernst Lubitsch, "The Last Metro" by François Truffaut, "The Silence and the Pain" by Patrick Seraudie, "The Pain" by Emmanuel Finkiel and "Diplomacy" by Volker Schlöndorff. ( usual prices).

  • Friday July 26t at 22 p.m., in the Jardins de la Guierle: Outdoor screening of the film “ Army of Shadows » by the Rex cinema.

August 2024

  • Tuesday August 13 at 18:30 p.m., conference room of the Labenche museum: Conference “The liberation of Brive by its own means” by François DAVID, President of the SMLH and the Brive Committee.

  • Ceremony organized by the Brothers on the site of Saint-Antoine.

  • Thursday August 15 to Saturday August 17, Guierle gardens: reconstruction of an allied military camp and exhibition of vehicles and equipment by the “Passeurs de Mémoire” association.

  • Thursday 15 August 2024 from 8 a.m. to 13 p.m. on the usual sites: Ceremonies “80th anniversary of the liberation of Brive by the resistance "
    o 8 a.m.: Doctor François Labrousse stele, Arsonval high school
    o 8:15 a.m.: Stele Guédin Vaujour, Espace des Trois Provinces
    o 8:45 a.m.: Esplanade des Frères Malraux plaque

Poster for the entertainment program for the 80th anniversary of the liberation of Brive.
  • o 9 a.m.: Stele of the SNCF station, station hall
    o 9:15 a.m.: Stele of the Square des Justes, boulevard Docteur Marbeau
    o 9:30 a.m.: Edmond Michelet stele, Place de la Liberté
    o 9:45 a.m.: Farro plaque, rue Lieutenant-Colonel Farro
    o 10 a.m.: Religious service, Collegiate Church of Saint Martin
    o 10:30 a.m.: Cariven Stele, Cardinal Bridge
    o 11:20 a.m.: Stele of the square of August 15, 1944 
  • Thursday August 15 at 18 p.m.: conference “Insight on the act of surrender and the circumstances of its signature” by François David, historian. In the gardens at the Michelet Museum.

  • Thursday 15 August 2024, from 22:30 p.m.: Fireworks “Liberation theme” (Parc de la Corrèze, behind the Espace des Trois Provinces).

  • Friday August 16, 2024, from 21h30: Sound and light show by the “Terres de Légendes” Company, in front of the Municipal Theater, Esplanade Bernard Murat and Place du 14 Juillet. Rediscover the atmosphere of the 40s through this historical nocturnal and pyrotechnic show featuring around thirty actors. Free, subject to availability.

  • Saturday evening August 17 :
    -10 a.m.: concert of the group "Taboo Coverland" at the Kiosk in the Jardins de la Guierle
    - 20 p.m .: Popular ball with meals Place Charles de Gaulle organized in collaboration with the Brive trade office.

photo of fireworks

September 2024

  • Saturday, September 21,:
    - at 14 p.m. at the Labenche Museum: "Brive at the end of the war (1944-1945)" by Marguerite Guély, president of the Scientific, Historical and Archaeological Society of Corrèze

  • Saturday September 21 and Sunday September 22 at the Michelet Museum Gardens: Stories of the city of Brive during the war 39-45. Put into voice by the Théâtre de la Grange of documents collected in the Brive archives and at the Michelet Museum.
  • Sunday, September 22, Labenche Museum: Conference “Rose Valland, the spy at work” by Jennifer Lesieur. At 14h.

  • Wednesday, September 25, at the hotel of the sanctuary of the caves of Saint-Antoine: "The fight of men of peace: Saint-Antoine 1940 - 1944" by François David, historian. At 20:15 p.m.

October 2024

  • Thursday October 3 : Conference “Georges Michel » by Bruno FOUCAUD

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