Need to cool off in this summer heat? No question of drying out: follow our 5 tips to perk you up! We take really good care of you… 

Enjoy a terrace

With the heat, what could be better than enjoying a beautiful shaded terrace and enjoying a good ice cream sundae, or even having some refreshments. Many gaillard terraces are ready to welcome you. 

Want to swim?

You have the choice. Fans of swimming pools or aquatic centers will find what they are looking for in the numerous water parks that furrow the area. A pure happiness ! Young and older gaillards will have a blast there. Other pools are open on weekends. Do not hesitate to consult our article on the places of bathing.

If you prefer swimming in natural spaces, go to the not-to-be-missed Causse lake. In addition to swimming, you can enjoy drinks and ice creams sold at the Moulin. To enjoy with your feet in the sand or in the water: the best!

Two children splash in the waters of Lake Causse

For a refreshing break in the heart of nature: go and soak your feet in Le Saillant in a very nice setting with its small playground and ping pong tables.

Activities on the water

There are plenty of them: between Causse lake, Coiroux lake and the nearby presence of Vézère and Dordogne rivers, you can indulge in water sports: canoeing , rowing, paddle boarding...

Activities away from the heat

We often think of cinema during heatwaves, but others activities are possible: laser game, virtual reality or if you are at least three adventurers, why not try an escape game? You will be sheltered from the heat and we promise you 60 minutes of pure adrenaline. So, ready to solve puzzles and get out before the end of the game?

Keeping cool while visiting

What's better than the natural air conditioning of our caves and chasms to cool down? Not only will you visit magnificent sites, each different from the other, but you are also sure to find something fresh! You will even have to remember to take a little wool jacket!