Ideas for stays with a baby

Going on vacation with a baby can be a source of anxiety and even turn out to be a real obstacle course. So at Brive Tourisme, we have decided to make your life easier by sharing our great tips for discovering the Gaillard land with your little ones!

Where to walk baby?

Between diapers to change and bottles to give, it is sometimes difficult to visit a village or a museum in peace. So why don't you take a walk with your baby? Here are some suggestions for places where it is pleasant to walk with the family.


  • In the center of Brive, the greenway extends over 11 km. Only dedicated pedestrians and cyclists, it is the ideal place for a safe stroll with children. The path, shaded in certain areas, is completely suitable for the use of a stroller. And if you are very sporty, you can follow the entire greenway, that is to say 18 km from the Pont de Granges in Saint-Pantaléon-de-Larche to the Aubazine station.
  • Another city, another greenway. In Objat, a perfectly laid out path in the middle of nature allows you to go around the body of water of the Jacques Lagrave leisure area over a distance of 2 km.

Paths in nature

  • In Saint-Viance, the Fishermen's Path is a 3 km circuit which winds through the middle of the countryside. The path is flat, shaded and even runs along the Corrèze river in some places. Which is perfect when you're looking for freshness in the middle of summer!
  • In Lissac-sur-Couze, you can go around the Causse lake - a 7 km route - on pleasant and sometimes shaded paths.

However, we only recommend these two circuits if you have a stroller suitable for all types of ground.

Colette Gardens

Right next door, in Varetz, the Colette Gardens welcome both adults and toddlers into its aisles for a botanical and fun journey in the footsteps of the novelist Colette. Above all, don't miss the giant butterfly-shaped maze. But be careful, you will have to be ingenious to escape!

Where to put baby for a nap?

In the middle of your exploration of the Brive region, you want to find a quiet place to take a nap for your child and you don't know where to go? Don't panic, we have some very nice places to recommend. So, follow the guide!

View of a newborn stroller installed in a park

Public gardens

  • In the heart of Brive, the Guierle public garden is ideal for resting in the shade of bicentennial plane trees with the birds singing in the background.
  • You can also take a trip to the Parc des Perrières where 17 hectares of greenery and a beautiful view of the city await you.

A nap by the water

  • Does your little one prefer the sound of water to fall asleep? No problem! In Voutezac, at the bottom of the Saillant bridge, you will come across a charming, peaceful rest area on the banks of the Vézère.
  • Another idyllic setting for taking a nap: the Causse Lake and its wooded areas located near the beach.

Where can your toddler play?

After the walk and the nap, it's time to play. For children old enough to move around, the Brive region is full of play areas.

Play areas

As a great classic, you will find outdoor play areas.

  • In Brive, there are sixteen installed throughout the city. The one at the Parc de la Guierle, for example, is even accessible for children with motor disabilities.
  • The Jacques Lagrave leisure area in Objat offers an area completely suitable for children with a slide, turnstile, zip line and other outdoor games.
  • At the Saillant bridge and the Causse lake, play areas are set up right next to the picnic areas.

Multi-activity parks

For a little more originality, you can take a look at the multi-activity parks located near Brive. Some of them offer activities accessible from the age of 2.

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