Reunions and cousins gatherings

Organizing reunions with family or friends is an opportunity to reconnect, to see and rediscover people who are close to us. Ideally located at the A20 and A89 motorway intersections, 2 hours from Toulouse, Bordeaux or Clermont-Ferrand, Brive is the ideal place for this type of meeting.

These family or friend reunions can take place during an evening, a weekend or over a few days. Sometimes they are thematic (cousinages, birthdays, weddings, baptisms, bachelor or bachelorette parties). Sometimes, they are professional or affinity (seminar between colleagues, gathering of people sharing the same interests). Finally, these reunions may not have a specific purpose other than the opportunity to have a good time with the people who are dear to us and thus create new memories.

Getting together with family in Pays Gaillard

Services adapted to family reunions

A real base camp for getting together, the agglomeration of Brive offers all the amenities and services while offering preserved niches and cocoons suitable for tribal meetings.

The facilities and activities of the city adjoin village life, authentic, true, simple and peaceful.

Outdoor activities et cultural sites exceptional events enhance family outings and are moments of transmitting knowledge and sharing experiences between generations.

Eat well as a family

Obviously, the ideal vacation also involves good gourmet meals and... how can I put it... in Brive, it's a bit... consubstantial! From grandmother's tasty cooking to very refined dishes, when it comes to indulgence, we know how to do it very well!

Allow those around you to break away from junk food, introduce you to the local products for the youngest, taste the veal head pâté dear to the Chirac family (notorious local family)... More assets for a successful stay with loved ones.

Being from Corrèze and meeting in Terres Gaillardes

Moreover, many of its groupings are based on family roots, because the Corrèze diaspora has left a large part of its active members here and our land is a symbol of union, of reunion with its loved ones.

A family is eating on a picnic table at Lac du Causse

Visiting your ancestors, organizing a cousin, having family celebrations to mark the different stages of life: so many emotional encounters that cheer up both the grandmother and the youngest.

And as your walls can slow down these assemblies, there are structures near you that allow you tohost your entire lineage, restaurants likely to satisfy you so that you can enjoy, without constraint, your children, grandchildren, brothers and sisters, etc.

Friendly meetings too

In Brive, you can also get together with friends. And during these reunions, we don't necessarily plan to get together with a large group, but we think of the friends who don't necessarily live near us and who we haven't seen since a long time. This can be done on the occasion of a birthday, a party, a wedding or a housewarming, or for no particular reason…

With or without companions, with or without children, it doesn't matter, the main thing between comrades is to enjoy these special moments of life to share with people we love! Chatting, finding your confidants, partying, having fun or even going crazy with your friends allows you to take a break and recharge your batteries!

Brive: a perfect geographical location

Coming from the four corners of France, you can find yourself in Brive thanks to the numerous infrastructures offered by this destination: the Dordogne Valley airport, the Brive SNCF station, or the motorway crossing of major routes (north-south with the A4 which is free from Gignac to Vierzon, approximately 20 km – this is exceptional enough to be underlined – and east-west with the A300). This perfect geographical location makes it an ideal base camp for your reunion.

It is also an opportunity for our neighbors in Bordeaux or Toulouse to test local tourism and “go green” by enjoying wide open spaces and generous and authentic nature. We are far from mass tourism and you can, in complete peace of mind, enjoy your tribe during your stay with us.

Be careful, peace and quiet does not mean boredom. THE activities and activities are very numerous (more than 500 activities are offered to you in summer) and those who wish can visit the numerous nearby sites including some major ones like Lascaux ou Sarlat, located less than an hour's drive away.

Useful information

If you are planning a fairly large gathering, do not hesitate to seek advice from the Brive Tourisme sales department, which organizes events and/or receptions. hotel. You will be able to delegate part of the set-up of your stay.


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