Trail running and running

Playful. There is no doubt, “playful” is the word that best defines everything that the Brive region playground offers to trail running and running enthusiasts!

Big fan of running or more occasional runner, you want to avoid the asphalt at all costs? Will do: here, nothing is easier than staying away from the asphalted roads. Obviously, in Corrèze, trail running is not done in altitude but the field is completely appropriate for long outings with a nice cumulative ascents and descents.

Make the Brive region the open-air arena for your “nature running” outings and discover an authentic land of running of which the variety of small reliefs and the diversity of beautiful landscapes will fully seduce you!

What circuit should you choose for trail running?

Whether you are a beginner or experienced, our playground around Brive gives you all the options.

The criteria to remember: 

  • the distance of the route : If you are used to running a 10 km race, avoid choosing circuits of which the distance is greater than 14 km. For the more experienced, a 50 km circuit is entirely possible. The important thing is not to try to do more than you are capable of, otherwise you risk losing all motivation.
  • the lie of the ground : Beginners should avoid stony and rocky paths and prefer soils such as mud paths, sand or even meadows. It is also important to look at the elevation differences.

Pour vous aider à y voir plus clair, Nicolas, super éducateur sportif de la Base Sports Loisirs Vézère, vous propose de courir sur des sentiers de rando qu'il a lui même testés. Il les a classés en fonction des difficultés. 

Easy circuits for the “rookies”: 

Circuits of medium difficulty: 

Difficult circuits for the most gaillards

Nouveau : la station Trail Brive, entre Causse et Vézère

Cette station trail vient compléter l'offre déjà existante sur le Causse Corrézien et le Saillant de MTB circuits, de parcours orienteering and hiking trails.

Les amateurs de Trail apprécieront des parcours variés aussi bien en distance qu'en dénivelé. 

  • 15 circuits sont proposés autour du Lac du Causse (2 parcours verts, 9 bleus, 2 rouges et 2 noirs)
  • 8 circuits situés dans les Gorges de la Vézère (1 vert, 2 bleus, 3 rouges et 2 noirs)

The trail circuit of the month

Each month, the hosts of the Leisure Sports Base of Vézère  invite you to discover a trail circuit around Brive-La-Gaillarde.

In May they take you to the Causse lake!

Discover the circuit of the month

A man trail running in the forest

What equipment for Trail running?

  • Trail running shoes, as comfortable as possible with a sole that does not slip.
  • GPS watch, to log your training sessions, and know the distance and elevation covered.
  • Trail bag, or trail belt, to bring water, supplies, cell phone to be able to call for help in an emergency.
  • Rain jacket, to protect you from the changing weather conditions in the great outdoors.
  • Survival blanket and restraint band, in case of emergency and accident.

This equipment is often mandatory to start a trail running competition. So it makes sense to practice carrying it with you regularly, and learn how to use it.

Trailer schedule

  • Trail des Coteaux in Voutezac at the end of April
  • Urban trail in Larche at the beginning of May
  • TRAMACA à Lissac en mai
  • Foulées Saint-Viançoises in June
  • Donzenac The Dark Night in June
  • Saint-Aulaire Trail at the beginning of July
  • Peace Trail in Lissac in October


All these tips are provided by the sports instructors from the Leisure Sports Base and they rock! They know the soil, the ground and the activity.

So for more information, contact them at 05 55 84 73 54 or by email via this online form

We also invite you to visit their website:

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