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“Your satisfaction: it is at the heart of our concerns”

Our services have been engaged for several years in an approach to enhance the quality of reception at the tourist destination “Brive 100% Gaillarde”. This approach, founded in 2004 on the NF Service standard “reception and information in Tourist Offices”, continues today with the Qualité Tourisme brand since 2014. We define a global quality management system in order to maintain and support customers, in their diversity and their requirements, always at the center of all our activities.

What is the Qualité Tourisme™ brand?

The State created the QUALITE TOURISME™ brand in order to improve the quality of tourist services in France. This brand selects and brings together under the same banner the quality initiatives undertaken in the hotel industry, tourist residences, holiday villages, campsites, restaurants, cafés and brasseries, seasonal rental agencies, places to visit, outdoor activities and Tourist Offices.

Why is the Brive Agglomération Tourist Office committed to the quality approach?

The Tourist Office aims to:

  • Strengthen the image of Brive-la-Gaillarde and its urban area as a destination
  • Put professionals at the heart of our priorities
  • Make sustainable development the backbone of our actions
  • Develop our own resources
  • Satisfy, delight and retain our customers (tourists, locals, secondary residents, elected officials and partners)
  • A commitment from the entire team

The Qualité Tourisme™ brand is a major issue for the Reception team and for the structure. Writing and sharing our know-how, our procedures, agreeing with the 188 mandatory criteria of the quality framework, disseminating internal and external information, measuring the satisfaction of our customers, training the team...we now have at our disposal a formidable toolbox – constantly improving – which allows us to professionalise, recognize and perpetuate the work of the Tourist Office and achieve our objectives.

Tourism quality

What does the Qualité Tourisme™ brand bring to customers?

It is a sign of recognition of establishments, a guarantee of quality and professionalism. The Tourist Office represents the image of the territory and its professionals. Visitors' vision of the destination depends on the quality of the welcome at the Tourist Office and among tourist providers because:

“You don't get two chances to make a good first impression! »

How do we obtain the Qualité Tourisme™ brand?

It is necessary to successfully meet the National Quality Commitments described in the French Tourist Offices ® framework, measure and analyze customer satisfaction and complaints, and be controlled as part of an external audit every 5 years.

And after?

Getting the Qualité Tourisme™ brand is the essential step to obtaining Category I classification for Tourist Offices. This brand therefore guarantees that reception and information activities, promotion/communication, the boutique area, the evaluation and improvement of the quality of service are regularly monitored by: ADN Tourisme.

Category I classification

This tourist office classified in CATEGORY I, belonging to the network of French Tourist Offices, undertakes to:

  1. Provide you with an easily accessible reception area and information area.
  2. Facilitate your procedures.
  3. Provide you with furniture to sit on.
  4. Inform you free of charge about the local tourist offer.
  5. Display and broadcast its opening periods expressed in at least 2 foreign languages.
  6. Offer you free access to wifi.
  7. Be open at least 305 days per year, Saturday and Sunday included during tourist or entertainment periods.
  8. Respond to your mail all year round.
  9. Provide a permanent reception service run by staff speaking at least two foreign languages.
  10. Ensure the supply of tourist maps, and guides on paper.
  11. Give you access to its dedicated trilingual website adapted to consultation via on-board media.
  12. Disseminate your tourist information also on paper translated into at least two foreign languages ​​relating to all classified tourist accommodation including at least the name of the establishment, postal details, email, website address, telephone details, the level of classification; monuments and cultural, natural or leisure tourist sites which may include the indication of usage rates, periods and times of opening to the public, the website and postal telephone contact details; events and activities; to emergency telephone numbers.
  13. Update its tourist information annually.
  14. Post emergency telephone numbers outside.
  15. Present all the qualified offer of its area of ​​intervention for all clienteles.
  16. Give you access to the consultation of the availability of classified accommodation.
  17. Process any complaints and measure visitor satisfaction.
  18. Offer a tourist information service integrating new information and communication technologies (social networks, mobile phone, geolocation, etc.).
  19. Respect the requirements of the Qualité Tourisme brand.
  20. Provide you with a stay advisor.
  21. Guarantee the reliability and timeliness of information on the local tourist offer.

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