Eco-friendly holidays in Corrèze

Brive and Corrèze: A setting of preserved nature to savor without moderation

Running away from mass tourism and looking for authenticity, nature, preserved landscapes, local gastronomy and real people? Travel responsibly and opt for holidays in Corrèze. And if you are looking for an eco-friendly vacation with a touch of madness, Brive-la-Gaillarde is made for you!

Here we don't have time to get bored but we take it all the same! Slow Food, slow tourism, soft mobility are in our gaillard genes. Take the time to experience a vacation in harmony with nature.

A woman is on a mountain bike on a rock overlooking the Saillant dam

A preserved territory

A secluded life is the happiest, you know? We are lucky to live in preserved landscapes benefiting from remarkable biodiversity. Our countryside is quiet but not deserted, our towns benefit from all the amenities close to preserved natural sites. Our natural spaces are ideal places to practice sporting activities close to nature. Our territory is full of picturesque villages, Romanesque churches, fountains.... We invite you to discover them in our  visiting circuits to discover small heritage, or by having a peak at our a cabinet of curiosities. And if you want to be amazed, we have listed our best views. Admire, breathe, and get boosted, the gaillard way!

Rafting on the Vézère

Nature-friendly activities

Corrèze is a true gem of nature, with its breathtaking landscapes, green forests and refreshing rivers. So, we must preserve it by favoring activities that do not have a negative impact on the environment. You can pick up in many activities such as canoeing, mountain biking or road cycling, climbing, swimming in natural environments, without forgetting hiking. You'll see, it's great!

Family going to the market in Brive-La-Gaillarde

Eat well

Often, it is around the table that links are forged, we are proud to share our gastronomy, a cross between influences from the South-West, Limousin and Auvergne. Our many restaurants will allow you to experience this promise, often with proposals for all tastes and for all dietary requirements (without meat for example). Local farms pay great attention to preserving the reputation of the quality of their production. They rely on peasant mixed farming and the breeding of emblematic products of great renown. More and more of our farmers are adopting very reasoned practices or converting to "organic", which reassures us in the confidence we place in foods from Corrèze, Périgord or Quercy. So, here, choose market products, not ultra-processed ones! Just visit one of the many weekly markets like the one of Brive-La-Gaillarde to get an idea of ​​the richness of our local products. And if you want to buy with no carbon footprint, we give you addresses of producers whom you can buy directly from. Buying local products means supporting local producers and limiting your carbon footprint by reducing transport. It’s a win-win, right?

Cycling along the Brive greenway

Soft mobility

Unforgettable holidays without too much carbon, yes it’s possible, it’s slow tourism! If you go green, it's to reconnect with nature and take the time to discover a territory. Many initiatives are taken to allow both locals and tourists to move around while limiting their carbon footprint: a shuttle offers to take you to the 2 leisure activity spots (Causse lake and Le Saillant), bicycles are available on the territory, a greenway allows you to move around in complete safety whether you are on foot or riding a bike. Without forgetting the numerous hiking trails present in all municipalities. And to help you further, Brive Tourisme offers you sightseeing tours using public transport. As for cycling enthusiasts, we offer them turnkey weekends to discover our fun gems.

4 people visiting a village

Meeting the Gaillards

Throughout your meetings, you will also see that hospitality inhabits us, deeply rooted in our curiosity for visitors... Open-mindedness and the pleasure of sharing are also part of the foundations of sustainable development. Committed to promoting exchanges, Brive Tourisme has created the PoHtes (tourist hospitality points). These are local players (bakery, café, press, etc.) who welcome you “at home” and give you advice on how to discover their territory, their secret corners.... Our natives, like real gaillards, have a generous personnality and some offer to share all their knowledge during enlightened visits: the Musta'chut. During the summer period, they offer free visits with varied themes: local flora and fauna, know-how, small heritage, etc.

Interior of the new 100% Gaillard boutique at 24 rue de la République in Brive

A committed territory

Eco-responsibility is at the center of Brive Tourisme's strategy, which implements numerous actions: eco-labelling of the accommodation it manages, commitment to its 100% Gaillarde Boutique (100% organic cotton, local collaborations...), eco-design of its websites,  highlighting local actors (portraits of young ladies) ... Our communities are also sensitive to the subject of sustainability and some have the “green station” label. And to help you be "responsible but not guilty", we suggest you to take the gaillard oath !

Advice that can resonate!

If you want to experience a truly eco-friendly stay, we suggest this selection of sites, service providers or events that seem to us to be in sync.

35 results

Gite La quietude Ext

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Gîte de la Quietude


From 1,600.00€ - High season week

Corderie Palus_1

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Corderie Palus


From 10.00€ - Full price

Hotel La Réserve de Brive_1

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Hotel La Reserve in Brive


From 89.00€ - Double room

Denoix Maître Liquoriste_1

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Camping du Lac du Causse_1

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Causse Lake Campsite


From 15.00€ - Daily package

Gîte village_1

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Gîtes du Lac du Causse


From 47.00€ - Accommodation rate per night

Colette's Gardens and its labyrinth_1

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Colette’s Gardens and its labyrinth


From 9.50€ - Full price


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Wabi Sabi Lodge Spa_1

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Wabi Sabi Lodge Spa


From 2,030.00€ - Low season week

Hotel Le Quercy_1

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Hotel Le Quercy


From 90.00€ - Double room

The outbuildings of the Château_1

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The castle outbuildings


From 85.00€ - 2 people (guest rooms)

The hills of Sainte-Féréole_1

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The hills of Sainte-Féréole


From 70.00€ - Accommodation rate per night

Teulet Family Boutique

Famille Teulet organic store


Castle 1

Chateau de Hautefort


From 12.50€ - Full price

La Roque Saint-Christophe in Peyzac le Moustier

La Roque Saint-Christophe - Troglodyte fort and city


From 10.90€ - Full price

Chasm of Proumeyssac

Chasm of Proumeyssac


From 13.20€ - Full price




From 14.00€ - Adult menu

Crêperie Brive La Maison_salle



From 13.50€ - Adult menu


Pierro Vineyard





From 80.00€ - 2 people (guest rooms)

At Paulo Brive_1