For you, swimming like “diving”, it must be done in open water, it must be “wild”, done as close as possible to the natural environment... You have chosen the perfect destination! In the heart of the Pays de Brive and surrounding areas, many charming bodies of water and streams are just waiting for you and your loved ones for a swim in a natural environment. Presentation, jumble.

The Salient Bridge

Only about twenty minutes from the Brive capital, enjoy the small beach along the river at Le Saillant de Voutezac, next to the bridge. Be careful, your vigilance is required, swimming is not supervised and is located downstream of a dam. You can still soak your feet and cool off!

A little boy plays agroupi in the water with the Saillant bridge in the background

Le Saillant: cheerful and responsible destination!

  1. Airplane mode activated! Here no need for Insta to marvel at the natural and preserved landscapes 
  2. Need a gourmet break? At theSaillant grocery store you will go ! Open all year round, it offers local, quality products. Enough to make a good picnic! And as PoHte, the Grocery store has all the tourist information
  3. Hiking and tasting is possible all year round! A tour through the heart of the vineyards and terraces allows you to discover Coteaux du Saillant wines (beautiful rehabilitation of vineyards)
  4. Small hamlet but great artists: the Chapelle du Saillant welcomes them stained glass windows signed Chagall.

Our tip Dip your feet at the Pont du Saillant

Two children are sitting at the foot of the Saillant bridge, their feet in the water

Under the medieval Saillant bridge, flows the peaceful Vézère. It's hot, how can you resist the urge to dip your feet in it? Once refreshed, go to the Saillant chapel in Voutezac, you will be surprised. Its apparent simplicity does not suggest anything about the beauty of its stained glass windows. “ There is Chagall in these nuances », would say a connoisseur. Bingo! The five stained glass windows in the small chapel are the work of the master himself.

Salient Bridge
19130 Voutezac
05 55 24 08 80 (Brive Agglomération tourist office)

Opening: In fine weather

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