Swimming in swimming pools and water parks

Do you prefer pool swimming to open water swimming? Summer swimming pools or open all year round, water parks and other aquatic centers… A wide variety of swimming spots await you !

Slides, water jets, whirlpools, paddling pools or big Olympic lines, there are resources at the aquatic infrastructure level to practice swimming or take a dip and become one with the liquid environment. The presence of supervision and a swimming instructor could be an opportunity to introduce your kids to breaststroke, crawl or backstroke!

Some of this equipment also allows you to swim in all weather conditions without being subject to climatic hazards. Find the list of these places right here.

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ÉcoPiscine d’Objat_1

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Objat EcoPool


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Sainte-Féréole municipal summer swimming pool


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The swimming pool, Brive aquatic center_3

The swimming pool, Brive aquatic center


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La Saule water park


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Quercyland Amusement Park


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Ecopiscine d’Objat: cheerful and responsible!

Preserving nature is our nature! This swimming pool was designed to promote the energy transition.

  1. The water is heated using a biomass boiler
  2. A Nordic pool with water at 29°, open all year round and yet less energy-intensive than a covered pool! (Savings made on air treatment). 
  3. The building is subject to thermal control with heat recovery from domestic hot water.

Our tip Sport and relaxation at the Objat eco-pool

A young woman sits with her back on the edge of the outdoor pool of the Objat eco-pool

Oh, the beautiful swimming pool surrounded by nature. Do you like to exercise? Perfect your crawl in a 25m outdoor pool, pedal smoothly on a water bike or spread your stride on a treadmill. Do you like to relax? Head to the hammam or sauna. Do you like sliding? Imagine that there is a slide for adults and even children.

Objat eco-pool,
Avenue Jules-Ferry, Jacques Lagrave leisure area
19130 Objat
05 55 25 82 94

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