The richness and variety of the collections offered in the different museums and eco-museums of the Brive region evoke different periods of history: from Neanderthal man (with the museum of Neanderthal man at Chapelle-aux-Saints) passing through the places of memory of the Resistance (Edmond Michelet Museum) nowadays.

The know-how is not forgotten and allows you to discover the identity of a region: visiting the Pans de Travassac is a good example of this.

Whether you are a fan of a cultural visit full of history or a fun family visit, our Corrèze territory offers you something to enjoy.

Our selection of museums and ecomuseums to amuse or cultivate your curiosity!

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Labenche Museum, Art and History of the city of Brive_1

Labenche Museum of Art and History of the city of Brive


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Bovetti 25 years-8752

Bovetti Chocolate Museum


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Edmond Michelet Museum_1

Edmond Michelet Museum



The sides of Travassac_1

The Pans de Travassac


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City of Insects: Museum & Nature Park_1

City of Insects: Museum & Nature Park


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For students over the age of 3

Michelet Museum: sturdy and responsible site!

  1. Living museum which aims to be more of a study center than a place of memory.
  2. Conferences, symposia, temporary exhibitions take place throughout the year
  3. Educational service open to teachers with the possibility of educational use of the center's documentary and museographic resources (collection of propaganda posters, testimonies of resistance fighters, materials presenting the deportation, etc.)

Our tip In the footsteps of resistance fighter Edmond Michelet

View of the exterior facade of the house which houses the Edmond Michelet museum

Edmond Michelet, does that mean something to you? It is in the home of this early resistance fighter that a Resistance museum was created. There we come to discover the feats of arms of the men and women behind the scenes who allowed Brive to be the first city in France to liberate itself by its own means in 1945. We can also observe one of the largest collections of propaganda posters in the world before continuing the walk in the fresh air, on the Sainte-Feréole memory path.

Edmond Michelet Center,
4 rue Champanatier, Brive,
19100 Brive-la-Gaillarde
05 55 74 06 08

  • View of a printing machine kept at the Edmond Michelet museum
  • View of posters exhibited at the Edmond Michelet museum

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