Once the angels' share has gone, we are left in the wild lands with a good number of beverages and magic potions to taste: wines, beers and spirits...

A good dish begins, is accompanied and ends with a quality drink. We have several nectars on our territory that will seduce you…

Lovers of wines, beers, aperitifs and other digestives, there is something for everyone.

Come discover our distilleries and don’t miss out on Lou pe de Grill, a local aperitif made from dandelion from Francine and Maurice Guionie. You can also visit their site which received the tourism medal in 2014.

Did you know that our lands have an important wine heritage? And yes, it’s not just in Bordeaux or Bergerac that you can find good wine!

Our local alcoholic beverages are rooted in history…especially wine.

Our history linked to the vineyards

From the Middle Ages and even from antiquity, our lands produced and consumed wine. This drink took a huge place in the daily lives of the inhabitants. High quality wines have made our region shine, such as the wines of Allassac, Vignols, Vertougit (Voutezac), Sajueix…

This production, initially managed by ecclesiastics, by lords then by the bourgeoisie, continued to develop until it reached its golden age in the 1840th century. For information, in XNUMX the Corrèze vineyard occupied 16 hectares and thus ensured the good health of our economy.

Unfortunately, from 1876, this flowering activity gradually declined with the appearance of phylloxera. This aphid, a real scourge for the vine, has decimated almost our entire vineyard. In less than 10 years, phylloxera destroyed 3409 ha and damaged 10204 ha, which is almost all of our production. A truly unprecedented social and economic crisis then took place in the face of the disappearance of the Corrèze vineyards...

However, our ancestors already had a cheerful soul, so they were able to bounce back by carrying out an agricultural reconversion, thus leading to the birth of another production with market gardening, apples but also livestock.

Some still persisted in the vineyard but on a smaller scale. These small producers have carried our wine heritage at arm’s length. But for several years some have taken up the torch. From the 2000s we were therefore able to witness the rebirth of our dear Corrèze vineyard.

Our cheerful selection:

Wine-related events:

  • Salon Au Fil du Vin in Saint-Pantaléon de Larche
  • Baco Festival in Saint-Robert
  • Wine festival in Lissac-sur-Couze
Branceilles wine barrels