Corrèze is an essential paradise for fishermen: small streams, ponds, rivers, lakes… fly fishing right in the middle of the river flows, or on the lookout! Will you let yourself be tempted?  

With your feet in the water or at the edge of a pond, practice fly fishing, live fishing, lures, hook fishing... Use all the techniques and all the stratagems on the waterways of the Brive region: Loyre, Roseix, Couze, Corrèze, Montane, Vimbelle, Maumont, Vézère rivers, all have portions in 1st or 2nd category so you can fully experience your hobby. Not to mention the Dordogne and the Causse lake where the Fishing and water house is located.

In our tourist information offices, you can find brochures and plans of the Corrèze fishing network. And find here the list of organizations which organize discovery and improvement courses or which lend equipment so that you can fish in good conditions while respecting the environment and reproduction cycles.

Fishing: a gaillard and responsible activity!

  1. Take part in a family activity and become familiar with the practice of coarse fishing without forgetting the knowledge and understanding of the aquatic environment!
  2. For sustainable fishing, respect the catch quotas established by the competent authorities in order to preserve the fish population in the long term. 
  3. Use selective fishing techniques that specifically target certain species, thereby reducing bycatch and capture of non-target fish.

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Fly course on the Dordogne_1

Corrèze Water and Fishing House


From €12.00 - Base rate

Causse Corrézien Lake_1

Causse Correzien Lake


Our tip Tease the stud on Lake Causse

A father and his daughter are fishing on the edge of the Causse lake

Don't believe it, casting a line is not as simple as it seems and if you want to fill your basket with fish, it is better to follow the advice of a fishing guide. Vincent knows Lake Causse and its inhabitants by heart, who are not the type to be fooled by the first hook dangling in the water. The mini-Gaillards adore him, because he knows how to pass on his secrets to them by telling great stories...of fishing of course.

House of Water and Fishing
19600 Lissac
06 31 22 91 60  

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