Art, crafts and agritourism

Ancestral craftsmanship is recognized in the Pays de Brive: whether gastronomic or artistic, it contributes to our values. The love of beautiful workmanship, the know-how of good beverages, among the Gaillards, we love what is good, beautiful and “homemade”.

Agricultural land par excellence, Corrèze producers continually contribute to agritourism. They allow our artisans to enhance our local products (noix, chestnut, scams, etc). Among the good things to taste, there are of course quality drinks. Let's not forget that we are in rugby land and that the festive spirit is very present! So whether to party or to accompany good regional dishes, we are lucky to have on our land beers, wines, liqueurs, etc.

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Denoix Maître Liquoriste_1

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Alchemist smiling photo ©limouzi project

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The Alchemist (glass blower)


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Nico's Workshop_1

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The strapping pig 4

The Gaillard Pig


La Ferme de Brossard - Lanteuil (2)_1

La Ferme de Brossard - Maison de la Châtaigne


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Brasserie Canhopée ext

Canhopée Brewery


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Traditional soap 3

Traditional Soap


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