Are you looking to go on vacation? Are you already in rough land? Don't panic, this article is for you! This Top 14 visits gives you an overview of the main visiting sites in Corrèze. On the program: hikes, villages classified as the Most Beautiful Villages in France, castles, gardens,… without forgetting major sites located less than an hour from Brive such as Lascaux, Rocamadour, Sarlat...

Family going to the market in Brive-La-Gaillarde

Brive market

Our Brive market is as colorful as it is delicious. There you will find local producers with their mustache-curling products. Local products for all tastes: free-range chicken, garden vegetables, tourtous, figs stuffed with foie gras, duck confit, duck rillettes, cabecous cheese, mushrooms... No room for dieting!

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aerial view of Turenne

Turenne, village classified among the most beautiful French villages

Turenne, classified Most Beautiful Village in France, is an unmissable township of our local territory. Between castle, History, hiking paths, architecture, this village is full of surprises! It is from the Tour César - which is inside the castle courtyard - that you will see one of the most beautiful viewpoints in the area.

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Alley and stone houses of Saint Robert

Saint Robert, village classified among the most beautiful French villages

The village of St. Robert knows how to use its charm: it is one of the villages classified as the Most Beautiful Villages of France.
If you come to Saint-Robert, you will no longer know where to put you moustache on, between heritage, festival and History. It’s a place full of fun that awaits you!

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Children in an alley in Colette's gardens

Colette's Gardens

Colette's gardens combine the story of an emblematic writer from our Gaillard land, a fun visit and activities throughout the year. From labyrinth, to giant games and flora, the Colette gardens offer a unique and fun getaway.

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Visitors to the Pans de Travassac

The Pans de Travassac

Don't miss this unique site in Europe, just 10 minutes from Brive. The Pans de Travassac slate quarry site is a unique setting for a singular and sensational walk for young and old. We recommend guided tours that will help you discover this place in every nook and cranny!

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Madame Vieillefosse from Maison Denoix and her son-in-law who takes over the business.

The Denoix Distillery

The Denoix Distillery has been recognized Master Liqueur makers since 1839. In the heart of Brive-la-Gaillarde, come and discover the homemade and ancestral know-how that has delighted the taste buds of Gaillards since the 19th century. You can't leave Brive without taking its grape must specialty with you: Purple mustard! This visit is ideal if you are willing to discover some of our local products! 100% satisfaction among gourmands.

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View of an underground room of the La Fage chasm

The Gouffre de la Fage

Located 10 km away from Brive, the Gouffre de la Fage promises you great surprises. Draperies in a variety of colors, richly-decorated calcite bridges, stalactites with astonishing shapes, not to mention the columns and fantastic figures. You will also be able to see its impressive bat colony which is one of the largest in Europe. An unexpected visit that has many surprises in store for you in the heart of the Corrèze Causse!

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A man on his paddle in the middle of Lake Causse

The Causse Lake

The Causse Lake, a stone's throw from Brive-la-Gaillarde, is an ideal natural site for nature lovers and sports enthusiasts! It meets all the conditions to be the training ground for your outdoor activities.

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Exterior view of the Saillant chapel

The Saillant Chapel

In the heart of the town of Voutezac lies a discreet chapel which hides a treasure: stained glass windows labeled 20th century Heritage created by the artist Marc Chagall. A spectacle as captivating as it is astonishing and worth the detour!

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Photo of a statue of Saint Anthony of Padua located in the sanctuary park in Brive

The Saint-Antoine Caves

The Saint-Antoine caves, located just south of Brive-la-Gaillarde, offer a relaxing walk in its five-hectare park. Walkers as well as pilgrims are warmly welcomed by Franciscan friars. Don't hesitate to go meet them, they will be delighted to tell you the history of this peaceful and harmonious place.

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Labenche Museum

The Labenche Museum

A Renaissance monument, this Art and History museum in Brive-la-Gaillarde offers eclectic permanent and temporary exhibitions.

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View of Allassac from the top of the Cesar tower

Allassac, The Ceasar Tower

Allassac: a charming medieval village located a few minutes away from Brive and a stone's throw from the Pans de Travassac and hiking trails. This village has many surprises in store for you, especially with its Ceasar Tower steeped in history.

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A father and his children walking in an alley in Donzenac

Donzenac, medieval town

This charming medieval town brings together heritage, history, cultural activity, etc. Donzenac is a village classified as a Country of Art and History Vézère Slate, close to the Pans de Travassac and Allassac. Don't miss this typically gaillard village.

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A couple runs in a meadow with Collonges-la-Rouge in the background

Collonges la Rouge

Collonges-La-Rouge, one of the Most Beautiful Villages in France, located near a red sandstone fault which explains the colors of the buildings. Stroll through this village with its pretty red streets topped with their blue slate tiles. 

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