Exterior view of the Church of Saint-Robert

Saint Robert, one of the Most Beautiful Villages in France

A medieval city par excellence, the village of St-Robert knows how to use all its assets to charm: it is one of the "pluses" of being classified as the Most Beautiful Village in France. And it is in our top 14 visits.

St-Robert: Gaillard and responsible destination

  1. Discover an authentic village full of character classified among the most beautiful villages in France
  2. Benefit from one of the most beautiful viewpoints of Yssandonnais.
  3. Participate in the many local festivals (Baco festival, traditional festival of August 15, festive markets with small businesses and local producers).
  4. Discover the oldest classical music Festival of Limousin.
  5. Boost up children, the Gaillard way, at the miraculous Saint-Maurice fountain.

Who was Saint Robert?

Robert de Turlande (1001-1067) entered the orders at the age of 25. He subsequently became a hermit, then an itinerant preacher, healing the sick. In 1050, he founded the abbey of La Chaise Dieu in Haute-Loire. He initiated the construction of more than 50 churches and priories. He is celebrated on April 30.

The heritage of St-Robert

Notre-Dame church:

It dates from the 12th century but is deprived of its nave (destroyed in the 16th century) which was located on the current village square. Note the presence of a very beautifully crafted 13th century Christ. A classical music festival (The musical summer of Saint-Robert) takes place every summer in this church. 

Exterior view of the Church of Saint-Robert

St-Robert: its history

This thousand-year-old village in New Aquitaine owes its origin to Benedictine monks, disciples of Robert de Turlande, who built a priory on this site in 1122. First called Murel (name of the limestone plateau where it was located), then Mont Bel Air during the Revolution, the village took the name of Saint-Robert from 1795. From the creation of the priory, only the current church which was restored at the end of the 19th century. 

Located in Corrèze, but on the border with the Dordogne, Saint-Robert was a strategic stronghold blocking the passage to the Périgord and suffered during the wars of religion. The church was equipped, in the 14th century, with square towers, pierced with loopholes, and an octagonal lantern tower (watchtower). The building being the defensive center of the village, it suffered from the battles between Protestants and Catholics during the wars of religion in the 16th century, as well as clashes during the Fronde in the 17th century.

View of the Old Street of the medieval village of Saint Robert

 Castles in Saint-Robert

Several noble houses are visible while walking through the ancient streets. Some even bear the name of castles: Château Beauroire, Château de Verneuil (with its very pretty chapel) or Château d'Aragon belonging to the Noailles family. 


The buildings of Saint-Robert have retained traces of their medieval past. Numerous remains of shops are visible on certain facades. 

The panorama 

Saint-Robert is located at an altitude of 350 meters high, on a limestone plateau which opens onto a vast panorama, where we discover the hamlet of Saint-Maurice and the valley, then to the east the town of Ayen and the plain of Brive. Go behind the church to enjoy the view. 

The miraculous Saint-Maurice fountain

Did you know that at the bend of a path, you can see a miraculous fountain? Legend has it that it heals sick and rickety children. It is visible at a place called Saint-Maurice just before entering the village. In the past, many pilgrims came to this fountain every August 15.

Useful information

  • Once there, do not hesitate to visit one of our PoHTes (Tourist Hospitality Points) which will give you its good deals. (Café Perché, Chez Sonia, Brocantes du Tigre and the post office).
  • Anecdote: The serial “Des Grives aux loups” based on the work of Claude Michelet was filmed in the village in 1983. Ideal works if you want to know everything about the evolution of peasant life in the 20th century.
  • Enjoy the village during the many festivals: Baco festival in October, traditional festival on August 15, festive markets on Friday evenings in July and August.

Our tip Saint-Robert, one of the Most Beautiful Villages in France

Walkers in the ancient streets of Saint-Robert

Open your eyes and ears wide: Saint-Robert is one of the Most Beautiful Villages in France. Its strengths: old seignorial homes, narrow streets, remains of fortified gates, there is even a miraculous fountain. But it is also the setting for a classical music festival, the first created in Limousin region, and which welcomes the greatest French orchestras every year. The Notre-Dame church and its perfect acoustics offer their notes all the momentum they could dream of. At your stands, gentlemen...

Village of Saint-Robert,
19310 Saint-Robert
05 55 24 08 80 (Brive Agglomération tourist office)

See all the good deals

The PoHtes of St-Robert

  • Chez Sonia, Grocery Shop/Bar, place de la Prévôté 05 55 85 25 95
  • Le Café Perché, 23 place de la Prévôté 19310 Saint-Robert 09 86 61 67 16
  • Les Brocantes du Tigre, 100 avenue avenue Henri Queuille 19130 Saint-Robert 06 24 02 03 27
  • The Post Office, Saint-Robert town hall Place de l'Eglise 19310 Saint-Robert
Illustration of a PoHte (reception point)

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