Visit Saint-Robert, is to travel through a page of History. The village has changed its name three times. First called Murel, like the plateau on which it is located, then Saint-Robert, it was called Mont Bel Air during the Revolution, when all toponyms bearing the name of a saint were abolished. Since 1795, the village has taken the name of Saint-Robert. 

Saint-Robert visiting circuit

We suggest you visit the village in 17 points which will take you from the discovery of the magnificent viewpoint, to the visit of the 12th century church, then to the discovery of noble houses such as the Château de Verneuil, the Château d' Aragon, Beauroire Castle or even Maison Seguin, without forgetting the remains of the ramparts or shops. Your tour will end with the miraculous Saint-Maurice fountain, the virtues of which you will discover. 

You can download the visit guide below: 

Visit Saint-Robert with children

The game booklet

If you are a family, we offer you a game booklet. Children will be able to appreciate the heritage of this village in a fun way and at their own pace. 


Finally, you can also have fun with your family, thanks to the Geocaching course (Tèrra Aventura) which is offered to you below. This interactive treasure hunt will take you through this medieval village and you will learn anecdotes about Saint-Robert while having fun while waiting for the discovery of the Grail!

family participating in geocaching in a village in Corrèze