Terra Aventura, geocaching

What is geocaching? This is a treasure hunt carried out outdoors using a GPSin order to discover the location of a hiding place and its treasure.

Terra Aventura is a fun revival of geocaching, an original walk of a few kilometers which allows you to discover the territory, local heritage and anecdotes, while having fun. More than 300 “high tech” treasure hunts are available throughout Nouvelle Aquitaine, which represents more than 1.000 km of paths to cover all year round!

Equipped with the 100% free smartphone application “Terra Aventura”, the family is ready for adventure with the excitement of finding the grail. 

Terra Aventura: gaillard and responsible activity!

  1. Share an activity with your family while enjoying the great outdoors!
  2. Give children a taste for walking and being interested in heritage and natural spaces
  3. Screen time yes but for a good cause!
  4. Take advantage of this outing to stop off at local shops: cafes, tea rooms, etc.
  5. Create a bond with other geocachers by sharing advice, opinions and feelings about the activity and the territory thanks to the small notebook made available in the cache.

List of all Terra Aventura routes to do in the Brive region.

Our tip family treasure hunt

A family is gathered around the Ayen orientation table

Take the kids to the heights of Ayen and embark on some exciting geocaching. Geocaching, quezaco? Halfway between The Treasure Map and Pokemon Go, this game consists of solving puzzles as you walk and discovering the Poï'z, fascinating characters named Zéfaim or Zépapeur. If the activity delights the little ones, adults will find what they are looking for, the walk offering the opportunity to enjoy beautiful views. Zet'Prêts? Whoa!

Geocaching in Ste-Féréole
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