Fly over an discover the Brive region and its exceptional natural and architectural heritage!

Since 1782 and the invention by the Montgolfier brothers, Jules Verne or even cartoon characters, for the youngest among us... These balloons attached to a basket have always represented a great and chimerical adventure in the air. So why don't you book your first flight in a hot air balloon to discover the hilly landscapes of southern Corrèze while being close to nature? You will be transported by the calm and the grandiose panoramas that will be offered to you.

Hot air balloon flight: gaillard and responsible activity!

  1. Having the head over the clouds is no longer a dream: hot air balloons offer a unique experience of discovering landscapes in a completely different way.
  2. We're not going to lie, we can't say that hot air ballooning is "0" pollution. However, without excessive noise, and using hot air to move, the hot air balloon remains the least polluting way to fly and move in the air. 
  3. Luxury, calm and bliss! Hot air balloons fly at relatively low altitudes, allowing passengers to admire the beauty of natural landscapes without disturbing them.

How does a hot air balloon flight take place?

The experience begins with a transfer to the takeoff site. Then, you participate in setting up the hot air balloon. After takeoff, the flight takes place in complete freedom, depending on the wind, for approximately 1 hour. 

Low-angle view of a young woman installed in the basket of a hot air balloon

Then it's time to land and bag the balloon. To recover from your emotions, the balloonist invites you to share a toast and gives you your ascent certificate. Finally, you are taken back to the original meeting point.

Useful information on hot air balloon flight

Where do hot air balloon flights depart?

Flights are offered by Corrèze Montgolfière departing from Turenne,Objat and Sothys Gardens. Other departure locations are possible. But it is best to discuss this with the service provider.

When is the ideal time to take a hot air balloon flight?

In winter, flights can be done all day long only if the weather conditions are good. On sunny days, the best times are early in the morning (for better light) and in the evening (2 hours before sunset).

How long is a hot air balloon flight?

It takes around 1 hour for the flight. But you must allow a time slot of 3 hours in total, that is to say the time for the transfer, assembly and inflation of the hot air balloon.

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Corrèze Hot Air Balloon


From 160.00€ - Base rate

Our tip The sky is yours

Aerial view from a hot air balloon basket.

The sun has just risen and the inflation of the balloon is finally finished. Hop! You jump into the basket. A blast of the burner and the hot air balloon takes off gently before abandoning itself to the breath of a light wind. Under your feet fields, forests, rivers, villages, castles pass by... Even in the cinema you have never seen such a majestic tracking shot. What a baptism! You already know it will be too short. Want to start again? Try the ULM this time, you will experience sensations at least as strong.

Corrèze Hot Air Balloon
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19 Juillac
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  • Misty view of the Auriac countryside from a hot air balloon
  • View from a hot air balloon of the Sothys gardens in Auriac

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