Aerial view of the village of Turenne

Turenne, village classified among the most beautiful in France

Be brave the Gaillard way, valiant visitors, and set off to attack Turenne!

Turenne is a must in our top 14 visits. Ranked among the Most Beautiful Villages of France and installed in its green setting, Turenne will make lovers of nature and old stones happy. From the castle, the streets lined with private mansions cascade down from the top of this ancient viscounty with a rich historical past.

Turenne: a Gaillard and responsible destination!

  1. Alleys to explore on foot and preserved architecture, witnesses of a rich historical past.
  2. A breathtaking (even for the most Gaillard) panorama from the castle
  3. Guided tours, offered seasonally, which immerse you in the world of this viscounty.
  4. The warm welcome from the stalls which offer great taste discoveries and crafts made in “Pays de Brive”!
  5. Turenne: hiking spot with 3 GR trails that cross the village and numerous small hike paths.

The Castle 

Bearing the name of a powerful viscounty having reigned over Limousin, Périgord and Quercy for ten centuries, Turenne has kept numerous traces of its history: the César and Trésor towers, remains of the castle dominating the village, ancient private mansions from the 15th to 17th centuries decorated with turrets or watchtowers and simpler residences with roofs covered with lauze or slate...

Photo of Turenne Castle from a drone

Visit Turenne

Visit the village with a guide, visit the Turenne castle, participate in a visit in costume and become a knight or princess during the visit. 

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Visit with children

Download our games booklet and your children will be able to discover a tour of Turenne while having fun.

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Our tip Playing the knight role in Turenne

Costumed tour of Turenne

If you want to perfect your knowledge of medieval architecture, go and admire the village of Turenne! Listed among the Most Beautiful Villages in France, Turenne is home to the remains of a fortified castle, including a massive 13th century dungeon. And after sunset, allow yourself to enjoy a tasty drink before going on a costumed torchlight tour.

Turenne Castle,
19500 Turenne
05 55 24 08 80 (Brive Agglomération tourist office)

  • group of visitors in the gardens of the Château de Turenne
  • Children in disguise, Turenne castle

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History of the Viscounty of Turenne

An impregnable hill

The privileged topographical situation and the configuration of the relief, which make Turenne's hill an almost impregnable defensive site, partly explain the founding of the city.
This isolated hill, topped with lofty ruins, dominates the Tourmente valley by more than 160m. Don't miss a visit to the Tour César and climb its steps to reach its summit and discover the incredible 360° view.

View of Turenne from the castle

The privileges of the Viscounty 

Thanks to the dominance it has from its geographical position, the Viscounty enjoys substantial advantages. These privileges were granted by the kings of England and France. The Viscount of Turenne raises troops, mints money, ennobles his faithful servants, and depends only on the King. His subjects do not pay the king's tax, do not house his soldiers, and assemble each year to vote on subsidies for their viscount.
Until the purchase of the estate by King Louis 15th in 1783, the Viscounty of Turenne is what we call today a tax heaven, almost autonomous from the French Kings authority, they even had the right to gather States. These freedoms arouse the envy of their neighbors and the annoyance of royal officials. In French, there is a famous say " proud as a viscomtin"?

History of the Viscounts of Turenne

There was a castle site in Turenne before the year 1000 and therefore lords: the Rodulphians, who came from Quercy. Then, around the year 14, the Comborn-Turenne lineage appeared. They founded a dynasty of viscounts which remained in Turenne until the beginning of the XNUMXth century.

In the 12th century, Raymond II acquired lands in Quercy beyond the Dordogne. The Viscounty then had seven towns and a hundred parishes. After the Comborns, came the Comminges in the 14th century, then the Roger de Beaufort during the Hundred Years' War.
Parents of two popes of Avignon, Clement VI and Gregory XI, they put the viscounty under their protection.

The lords of the Tour d'Auvergne succeeded them from 1444 to 1738. Henry 1st of the Tour was born the famous Maréchal de Turenne, youngest son buried in Invalides (1611 - 1675).

Visit of a group of children in costume to the Château de Turenne

Hiking in Turenne

This village benefits from a privileged geographical location: at the crossroads of numerous GR, hiking enthusiasts will be able to indulge in their favorite activity!

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Hikers are on a country road

Where to eat in Turenne?

Our best restaurant addresses in the village or surrounding areas.

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Where to sleep in Turenne?

Hotels, guest rooms, campsites, gîte accomodations... Our best places to stay in Turenne.

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Pratical information

  • For more information, go to the Turenne Tourist Office, located on avenue Senator Labrousse. Seasonal opening, discover the schedules here.
  • Find all of the Most Beautiful Villages in France on their website as well as a selection of villages classified around Brive in our dedicated section.

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