Bicycle, mountain bike and other two wheels

You are in a cyclist's paradise... on the paths or on the roads, the Brive region is a playground that will amaze you.

If you don't find a mountain pass here, our territory is not necessarily flat either... Brive and its surroundings are a real fun area, with varied reliefs, and therefore perfectly suited to cycling and mountain biking! The paths and trails of course, but also the low-traffic departmental roads, offer a very wide range of routes with varying levels of difficulty.

Mountain biking: gaillard and responsible activity!

  1. Working out your calves rather than the motor of your car is good for your health and for nature around us!
  2. Staying on the paths avoids damaging vegetation and respects wildlife.
  3. Avoid using muddy paths at the risk of damaging the paths once dried
  4. Respect other users by adapting your speed. Sure we are Gaillard but also responsible!
  5. Collect waste and debris encountered on the route.

Where to rent bicycles, mountain bikes?

The Agglo de Brive has 90 electric bikes spread across 19 rental stations (including 15 in Brive). Easily accessible, they bear the name of Vélibeo.

You can also rent bicycles, mountain bikes as well as electrically assisted bicycles from our providers below: 

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Stand-up Paddle Vézère Passion (Nature Sports Station - Pays d’Uzerche)_1

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Archery Nature sports resort Vézère Passion_1

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Archery Resort Sports Nature Vézère Passion


From 15.00€ - Base rate

Vézère Passion mountain biking (Nature Sports Station - Pays d'Uzerche)_1

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MTB Station Sports Nature Vézère Passion


From 8.00€ - Base rate

Canoe kayak: Sports Leisure Base Vézère_1

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Canoe kayak: BASE Sports Leisure Vézère


From 16.00€ - Base rate


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Archery and blowgun shooting at the Vézère Sports Leisure Base_1

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Archery and blowgun: BASE Sports Leisure Vézère


From 13.00€ - Base rate

Our mountain bike tours for download: 

Mountain bike trails and road circuits around Brive...

Our tip ATV rides around the water

View of a couple mountain biking in the countryside

Here you are, off on the paths of the Saillant by mountain bike. Some walk slowly along the impassible Vézère. Take the time to contemplate it because you might encounter some hills sooner or later. Allassac is nearby. Don't miss the Caesar Tower. Change of scenery, but the water is still present. It is that of Lake Causse. You can cycle gently near the shore or, if you feel up to it, gain some height to reach the hamlets overlooking the lake.

19130 Voutezac
05 55 84 73 54

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