Picnic in Brive and the surrounding area: TOP 10 best places

How about we go for a picnic? If there's one thing we all like to do, it's meeting up to eat by the water or sitting on the grass with a nice view. Whether for lunch or on summer evenings, what a pleasure to be able to share this moment as a couple, with family or friends. So on your marks, ready? Picnic!

Picnic: 5 good practices in harmony with nature

  1. Say no to disposable packaging and opt for reusable containers : Say goodbye to plastic bags and disposable packaging! Instead, opt for reusable containers like glass or stainless steel boxes. Not only are they sustainable, but they also reduce waste. Don't forget to also bring reusable cutlery and plates to avoid single-use plastic cutlery.
  2. Choose local and seasonal products : Ditch imported foods and opt for local products. Not only will you support farmers in your area, you'll also avoid hosting the food logistics Olympics. Take a trip to the local market or to the neighboring farm to stock up on fresh, seasonal food. Not only are the products tastier, but they also have a reduced environmental impact by avoiding long distance transportation. 
  3. Opt for fabric tablecloth and napkins:  forget paper towels. In addition to limiting waste, you can also use the towels to wrap bread, sandwiches or fruit. 
  4. Limit packaging : When preparing your picnic, avoid over-packaged foods. Opt for bulk products or use reusable packaging, like glass jars, to store your food.
  5. Don't leave any traces : Make sure you bring all your trash with you. Even small trash, like cigarette butts, must be collected. Leave the place as clean as it was when you got here, so others can enjoy the place after you.
A family having a picnic at Lac du Causse

By the Causse Lake

10 minutes away from Brive, with its tables and benches ready for use and the view of bathers, fishermen and boats.

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People are lying on the banks of the Vézère. We can see the Saillant bridge in the background

At Le Saillant bridge

Opt for the banks of the river, 20 minutes from Brive, to eat to the sound of the river flowing, in the shade, on the banks. Tables are set up on the small beach on the Allassac side. 

The plus: the country markets organized in summer every Tuesday evening at Le Saillant allow you to stock up on supplies!

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A family admires the view from La Roche in Allassac

At the La Roche site in Allassac

Take one more step to the skies, 15 minutes from Brive. Or, go to Garavet-Rives de Vézère for a picnic by the water; tables are set up there.

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Aerial view of the garden of the church of Saint-Robert

At the Church gardens in Saint-Robert

Sit in the gardens to eat in peace with a breathtaking view of the Corrèze countryside.

The plus: on Friday evenings in summer, traders and producers organize a market on the village square.

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View of Lake Objat from the playground

In the greenery of the Objat region

Eat to the sound of birdsong, in the municipal park or by the lake at the Leisure Square Jacques Lagrave.

The plus: you can buy refreshments, sandwiches and ice creams at Snack'Art (next to the swimming pool).

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View of the plane trees of Parc de la Guierle in Brive

In the city center

For lovers of urban breaks, meet in the Parc de la Guierle in the center of Brive! Don't panic, you won't eat on concrete, this place is green and full of small, shaded and pleasant spaces.

The plus: enjoy the markets held under the Georges Brassens Hall on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturday mornings to stock up on supplies!

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View of the village of Turenne and its countryside

At Turenne Castle

To combine heritage, views of the South-West and gastronomy, Turenne, a site classified among the Most Beautiful Villages, is the ideal place. Tables are set up at the bottom of the castle. At the Turenne Gare pond, some picnic tables await you.

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View of Yssandon Tower

At the Yssandon Tower

To take in the full view with not one but two 360° panoramas, go to the Yssandon Tower. Be careful when going up, hold on to your calves!

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View of a picnic tablecloth and hands holding glasses and toasting

The new greenway

It also offers pleasant picnic spots: in the center of Brive (on the edge of Corrèze, between the fire station and the Bouvie bridge) or more in the countryside, on the greenway by the Saint-Viance side when leaving from the Saint-Viance bridge towards Le Saillant.

A family poses in front of the Virgin of Fournet in Saint-Cernin-de-Larche

To the Virgin of Fournet de Saint-Cernin-de-Larche

Easily accessible from the old village of Fournet by following the signposted path. It overlooks the Couze valley and offers a breathtaking view of the valley.

For more information on picnic areas, visit the site picnic.info.

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