High view of the Allassac Village square and the César Tower

Allassac, heart of the country of Art and History

Allassac is a pleasant medieval town belonging to Terres Gaillardes. This village finds its charm through its heritage, its history and its historical monuments preserved for centuries. Allassac has several faces: the banks of the Vézère, the hamlet of Saillant shared with Voutezac and the town center. Something to satisfy everyone! Don't miss this visit which is part of our top 14.

5 good reasons to go to Allassac

  1. Gain height from the Caesar Tower.
  2. Put your feet in the water at the Saillant bridge.
  3. Attend a concert at the Vézère Festival.
  4. Admire the stained glass windows of Marc Chagall.
  5. Take a canoe trip down the Vézère.

The headquarters of the Country of Art and History (PAH) Vézère Slate

The national label of Country of Art and History Vézère Slate was created in 1985 and brings together 47 municipalities located in the southwest of Limousin. It allows local actors to build cultural projects together by connecting: municipalities, cultural structures and tourist offices. To do this, workshops, guided tours, activities, exhibitions, etc. are organized throughout the year. The team that brings the Land of Art and History to life is very dynamic and inventive.

You can download the Nouvelle-Aquitaine videoguide app to discover the heritage at your own pace. Available on Appstore and Google Play Store.

Family sitting at the foot of the gate of the Church of Allassac

What to do, to visit in the village of Allassac

The Allassac market

Every Friday morning, come and visit the Allassac market, located in front of the church, to stock up on freshness and local products.

Arm passing an apple to another arm of another person above a display of yellow fruits.

The Caesar Tower

Allassac is proud to have prestigious historical monuments. You will not be able to pass through this village without climbing to the top of Caesar Tower and its 5 levels. This medieval tower, built from local stone in the 13th century, is one of the rare round towers from the Middle Ages in Limousin. It has been listed as a historic monument since 1949, as has the Saint-Jean-Baptiste church since 1914 ( built in the 14th century).

A little girl on her father's shoulders admiring the Caesar Tower.

The gaillard anecdote:

Allassac was a fortified city which was never besieged. The reason being that the bishops of Limoges, lords of Allassac, were very clever and had found the stratagem of paying ransoms to the attackers so as not to be attacked. These gaillard fellows are crooks!

Church and manor in the village of Allassac

You can walk and explore the streets of the village. Near the Caesar Tower is the Church of Beheading of Saint-Jean-Baptiste dating from the 12th century. It houses objects classified as historical monuments including the entire high altar, a very beautiful 17th century baroque altarpiece inside. It still has its portal as well as the remains of a tower which was used for defense.

Visit the Tours manor, located on the outskirts of the town, it is an imposing 16th century building and houses the headquarters of the Pays d’Art et Histoire Vézère Ardoise.


Just like Travassac, Allassac sees its rich slate past revived with the reopening of a slate quarry. The Bugeat slate quarries are once again mining slate on the historic quarry site, a site known since the 12th century. 

What about bringing it home? The quarry also manufactures a wide range of products such as paving for interior or exterior flooring, building stone, Japanese tiles, building rubble, slate flakes for massifs, etc.

Descent into the Travassac slopes

The must-sees near the Saillant

For hikers, the Mesolithic Rock site which dominates the valley has an orientation table which offers a wide panorama and an unforgettable viewpoint. Below you will find the village of Le Saillant crossed by the Vézère presenting the dam, the old bridge and the Saillant castle whose owner (Isabelle De Lasteyrie du Saillant) is at the origin of the Vézère Festival.

You can also visit a charming Chapel with stained glass windows by Marc Chagall located within the grounds of the Château de Lasteyrie (19th century noble house).

Visit the Cave Côteaux de la Vézère which brings together around ten wine growers and around fifty associated wine growers. Located at the Saillant d'Allassac, you will discover a beautiful variety of certified origins appellation wines and their terraced vineyards which will tell you their story.

What to do, on the banks of the Vézère at Garavet d'Allassac

In Garavet (2 km away), in addition to swimming and fishing, come and discover the different activities offered all summer. Stand Up Paddle, Archery, Tree Climbing, Concerts: something to satisfy all the gaillards! 

Pratical information

How to get to Allassac?

  • By car: via D9 and D134
  • By carpooling: carpooling area
  • Donzenac - exit 48 “Allassac, Donzenac”
  • By train: Allassac station

Where to park in Allassac?

Allassac has three free car parks:

  • De Gaulle car park
  • Allègre car park
  • Republic car park

You also have the possibility of stopping off in a green setting on the banks of the Vézère at the Camping Car Park area on the Garavet plain (paid area).

Around Allassac

In the surrounding area, you can discover the medieval city of Donzenac (6 km away), without forgetting the visit to the Pans de Travassac to discover the different facets of slate. Objat (9km away) offers its Sunday morning market and its aquatic center opened every day and all year round.


Our tip Conquering Allassac

A father holding his daughter on his shoulders in front of the gate of the Church of Allassac and in front of a bench of flowers.

You came to Allassac, you saw the Ceasar Tower, you overcame vertigo to climb to its summit and from there you were able to contemplate at leisure the slate-clad roofs of the old, once fortified village. The faithful and massive tower, eight centuries later, still bears witness to this medieval era. Then without trembling, you crossed the Vézère at the Garavet site. The die was cast. Swimming, canoeing, archery... What a great day!

Rue de la Tour César,
19240 Allassac
05 55 24 08 80 (Brive Agglomération tourist office)

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