Paddling hard or hardly paddling in the Brive region?

All year round, for all levels, nature adventure enthusiasts will certainly find what they are looking for here thanks to the diversity of routes offered by our territory.

Canoeing - Kayaking: gaillard and responsible activity!

  1. Connect directly to nature and appreciate its beauty and fragility.
  2. Burn calories and not fuel: this environmentally friendly activity helps preserve aquatic ecosystems while refining your athletic body!
  3. No need to be a great sportsman: reserved for those over 7 years old, canoeing-Kayaking can be practiced by everyone. Ideal for families or groups of friends.
  4. Don't miss the canoe descents commented by the Land of Art and History Vézère Slate. In addition to being fun, they are educational!

You will appreciate the calm waters of the Dordogne to enjoy canoe or kayak descents. The tours offered on the Vezere river can either be calm and recommended for beginners or more eventful and will allow the more sporty to discover real sensations.

And when the river is high enough, take a moment to enjoy discovering rafting descents: for guaranteed sensations and pleasure! Discover the main service providers in the Brive region offering supervised activities or canoe, kayak and raft rental, for more autonomy for you, your family and your friends.

Our tip Canoeing with a view

three people are rafting on the Vézère

Paddle on the Vézère and you will discover hilly, wooded and green landscapes along the water. You will also pass some villages lying on the banks or perched on promontories. Castles, churches, houses with blond stones and slate roofs, old bridges will enhance your peaceful cruise. You can also choose to go down the river accompanied by a guide who will tell you stories about water and bell towers between two paddle strokes. Once upon a time ...

Vézère leisure sports base,
19130 Voutezac
05 55 84 73 54

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Selections of our best 100% gaillard Canoe-Kayak structures

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Canoe kayak: Sports Leisure Base Vézère_1

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Canoe kayak: BASE Sports Leisure Vézère


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Nature Getaway Pays d’Argentat


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Canoes Safaraid Dordogne


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Animation Vézère Canoe Kayak

Canoe Vézère Univerland


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Copeyre Canoe_1

Copeyre Canoe


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Périgord colors


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Canoe Nature Getaway Pays d’Argentat


From 12.00€ - Base rate

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