Cooking Corrèze recipes

Brive is a region rich in flavors, so let your taste buds be tickled!

At table ! Before going to the market to select the right ingredients, take a look at these Corrèze gaillardia recipes which will allow you to compose a menu that will delight your guests, your loved ones, your family and your friends. In Terres Gaillardes, we like to feast, we like to cook and we like to share…

Also take advantage of the recipes that you will find below and occasionally, let us know your impressions or even your suggestions. Besides, if they are attractive, we will publish them.

While waiting to receive your recipe ideas, the Brive Tourisme team has started cooking and offers you recipes for “good local dishes” in video format. Yes, gastronomy is in our blood: we talk about it, we cook and we taste it!

Do you want to discover new recipes? We are ready to take on the challenge! Let us know your wishes and we'll get back to cooking.

Discover the Chef Challenge : challenge launched to the chefs of Tables Gaillardes who drew lots for a local product and a constraint. From there, it's up to them to design a recipe that's easy to reproduce.