Do you like hiking, alone, with family or friends? On foot, on horseback or by mountain bike? So you have chosen the right destination: 800 km of paths are available to you in the Brive-la-Gaillarde region.

A new hiking guide

In collaboration with Editions Glénant, the Brive area unveils two precious keys for lovers of walking and nature: a topo guide and Roaming card. These new features come at the right time to highlight the outdoor activities, real major assets of this destination.

This booklet presents 26 short hikes, perfect for family outings or walks lasting a few hours. For adventurers looking for greater challenges, the “Causse loop” offers a magnificent escape through landscapes characteristic of the region. The 11 large loops and the “Chemin de St-Jacques” variant from Brive to Turenne will satisfy long-distance enthusiasts, in search of spirituality and surpassing oneself.

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Consult the Roaming map

cover of the topo hiking guide for the Agglo de Brive published in 2024.

Hiking: a gaillard and responsible activity!

  1. Blend into nature and discover the fauna and flora that surrounds us in this Natura 2000 area of ​​the Causse
  2. Respect this natural wealth and adopt eco-friendly gestures: stay on marked trails, do not pick up plants, collect any waste you can spot, etc.
  3. In summer, take advantage of the Libeo shuttle to get to the start of the Saillant and Causse hikes
  4. Go and meet local producers: like cheesemakers around Lac du Causse or winegrowers at Le Saillant.

Hiking to discover the Brive region

Hiking is undoubtedly the most beautiful way to discover our fine environment. Located at the crossroads of regions with very varied climates, the Gaillard land perfectly meets the expectations of all hikers. No matter your level of practice and whatever your preferred hiking ground is, lace up your hiking shoes and awaken the Gaillard personality in you!

Hiking trails for all levels

Do you want to follow short, easy and easily accessible hiking routes? The Brive region offers a great diversity of paths and trails suitable for family walks.

Are you an experienced hiker and looking for longer, more demanding routes that can be combined as desired? You surely won't find the altitudes of the great mountain ranges of France, but our territory offers quite fun and challenging itineraries, with an interesting cumulative difference in altitude, where you will have to give some boost kick from time to time and where you will face sloping portions to completely satisfy you!

A rich marked network 

Take advantage, in the Brive region, of a rich network of marked routes ideal for hiking experiences of all kinds:

  • accompanied or roaming and independently;
  • family, sporting or thematic – which adapts to all your desires!

Make this Gaillard region a “fully customized hiking land”: choose the route that suits you best, follow circuits with various surfaces, beautiful landscapes and very varied panoramas and wander everywhere as you wish!

Nordic walking in Gaillarde land

Outdoor sport from Scandinavian countries (the affiliation which is often made with cross-country skiing is therefore anything but a coincidence!), Nordic walking combines ground work, or fundamental endurance, and upper body muscle strengthening. The practice found the perfect territory with an adapted natural and architectural environment in the Brive region!

The “Nordic Walking in Corrèze” association based in Donzenac, offers weekly discovery and practice outings to Nordic Walking enthusiasts... So, get your hands on your walking sticks!

Our tip Causse's Love

A family sits at the foot of the Virgin of Mount Pelée

Here you are, at the top of Mont Pelé, the aptly named. Well done ! Although it is not an Everest, the highest point of the Causse nevertheless allows you to admire the village of Chasteaux located right below, and the hanging vines. Remember that the sheep you will come across during the hike provide exquisite milk from which the best cheeses are made and you will appreciate taking one out of your bag in case you get hungry...

On the other side of the Causse lake, take your kids to wander around on the Fournet plateau: the little world of the Causse awaits you there with its cicadas, its crickets, its stunted oaks, its fragrant violets... On arrival, Notre-Dame-des-Champs perched on an enormous cone of perforated stones, dignifiedly overlooks the Corrèze Causse.

19600 Chasteaux and Le Plateau du Fournet
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