Need to stretch your legs and clear your mind? The February walk takes you to Saint-Pardoux-L'Ortigier.

Hiking ideas and topo guides

At the Tourist Office, you can also get hiking ideas from previous months (€0,20 per sheet). And the little extra for hikers: topo guides are on sale in all our reception offices!

One month, one hike

Walk, hike, stroll, stroll, browse, discover, get some fresh air... Each month, get the hiking idea of ​​the month for free in the office of the Brive agglomeration Tourist Office or download it below.

This February, we are offering you an 8 or 10 km nature escape from Saint-Pardoux-L'Ortigier: Le chemin des Crêtes.

Does that tempt you? So, don't wait any longer: put on your backpack, grab your hiking shoes and set off to discover this circuit this month.

Four people are on a nature hiking trail

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