Orienteering and permanent routes

A physical as well as a mental challenge for all participants, orienteering is the complete outdoor sporting activity par excellence!

Thanks to orienteering, open your orientation map, compass in hand and make nature your gym! Alone or with family, this activity that can be practiced by everyone, has found itself an ideal place in the Brive region.

Orienteering can be done running of course, but also hiking with the whole family, as well as mountain biking.

In total, 25 permanent orienteering paths validated by the French Orienteering Federation are located in this area.

The maps given during this activity are scalable and adapted to the group according to the age and level of practice of the person. This activity is supervised by a sports instructor, or by card rental. The routes are permanent or temporary with the possibility of moving the activity. Ask for the routes directly to the Base

Orienteering at the Saillant

The Vézère sports and leisure Base in La Lombertie, in Le Saillant, offers among its many other activities, orienteering races. Come and rediscover a slight taste of treasure hunting!  

Close-up of a map and compass

Other orienteering sites

You can also find orienteering paths on two other sites in the Brive region.

Three circuits await you at the Parc des Perrières, just a few steps from the city center of Brive.

Finally, ten other circuits located at the Causse lake will take you to the heart of the Corrèze Causse.

Useful information on orienteering at the Vézère Leisure Sports Base

A la carte orienteering with the Vézère Leisure Sports Base

The Vézère Leisure Sports Base team can organize an orienteering race for you on request at any location... an idea to remember!

Prices for the orienteering activity

Map rental without compass costs €3 (€2 supplement per compass). Price of the activity: from €12 per child and €15 per adult. Group rate from 10 people (16 people maximum): €122.

Opening hours of the Vézère Leisure Sports Base

In summer, the base is open from 9 a.m. to 19 p.m. In winter, it is open from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and from 14 p.m. to 17 p.m.

Contact of the Vézère Leisure Sports Base

Address: La Lombertie in Le Saillant, 19130 Voutezac. Phone number : 05 55 84 73 54. Email address: contact@sports-loisirs-vezere.com


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