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Visitors to the Pans de Travassac

1 Nature

The incredible slates of Travassac

The slate, synonymous with school, blackboard and tyrannical teacher? What if you saw your copy again during a visit to Pans de Travassac? [...] ...

Open : From the beginning of May to the beginning of November. 
05 55 85 66 33


View of a couple mountain biking in the countryside

2 Nature

ATV rides around the water

Here you are, off on the paths of the Saillant by mountain bike. Some walk slowly along the impassible Vézère. [...] ...

Open : All year round - Vézère sports and leisure center - La Lombertie - 19130 VOUTEZAC
05 55 84 73 54


Little girl testing geocaching and discovering the secret cache in Sainte-Féréole.

3 Nature

family treasure hunt

Take the kids to the heights of Ayen and embark on some exciting geocaching. Geocaching, quezaco? [...] ...

More information : Brive Agglomération Tourist Office.
05 55 24 08 80


Two young women on their paddles on Lake Causse

4 Nature

All schuss at Lac du Causse

Water skiing, paddle or canoeing: at Lac du Causse, a rest point for water sports enthusiasts! [...] ...

Open : In July and August - Lissac nautical base.
05 55 85 42 93


Picnic for several people at the Jardins de Colette

5 Nature

Butterflies in Colette Gardens

Combining literature and botany is the challenge that Colette's gardens in Varetz invite you to take on. [...] ...

Open : From April 9 to November 6. La Chassagne, 19240 Varetz. 
05 55 86 75 35


A father and his daughter have their feet in the water at the foot of the Saillant bridge

6 Nature

Dip your feet at the Pont du Saillant

Under the medieval Saillant bridge, flows the peaceful Vézère. It's hot, how can you resist the urge to dip your feet in it? [...] ...

Open : In fine weather - 19130 Voutezac



A family is on a pacerelle above the Saillant dam during an outdoor activity

7 Nature

On the salmon trail

Where the Vézère gorges end in a final waterfall, hydroelectric engineers could not resist the urge to build a dam in 1930. [...] ...

Pmore information : Brive Agglomération Tourist Office.
05 55 24 08 80


8 Nature

Canoeing with views

Paddle on the Vézère and you will discover hilly, wooded and green landscapes along the water. [...] ...

Open : All year. Leisure sports center of Vézère - La Lombertie - 19130 Voutezac
05 55 84 73 54


A person testing the Via Ferrata du Saillant.

9 Nature

Vertigo guaranteed in the Vézère gorges

Do you want to stick to the wall, overlook the void, be a wireless Spiderman, or almost? Attack the Via Ferrata from the La Roche site, just at the exit of the Vézère gorges. [...] ...

Open : All year. Leisure sports center of Vézère, La Lombertie - 19130 Voutezac.
05 55 84 73 54


A family visits an underground room in the Fage chasm

10 Nature

The bats of the Gouffre de la Fage

Dracula scares you? Come see his little sisters. At the Fage chasm, bats come to feed. [...] ...

Open : from April 1 to September 30 and All Saints' Day holidays. La Fage - 19600 Noailles.
05 55 85 80 35


Family hiking in Corrèze in autumn.

11 Nature

A love of Causse

Here you are at the summit of Mont Pelé, the aptly named. Well done ! Although it is not an Everest, the highest point of the Causse nevertheless allows you to admire the village of Chasteaux below. [...] ...

More information : Brive Agglomération Tourist Office 
05 55 24 08 80


Three people are fishing on the shores of Lake Causse

12 Nature

Tease the stud on Lac du Causse

Don't believe it, casting a line is not as simple as it seems and if you want to fill your basket with fish, it is better to follow the advice of a fishing guide. [...] ...

More information : House of water and fishing - Moulin de Lissac, 19600 Lissac. 
06 31 22 91 60


A woman adjusts her swing with a sunset in the background

13 Nature

It swings at the Golf de Planchetorte

A narrow valley. In the middle flows the Planchetorte stream. This is the bucolic setting where the golf course unfolds, a beautiful 18 holes that cannot be overlooked. [...] ...

Open : All year. Chemin de la Jargasse, 19100 Brive-La-Gaillarde.
05 55 87 57 57


View of a couple of walkers admiring the misty landscape

14 Nature

The quest for Compostela

To go to Compostela, it’s easy. You go through Brive then straight on to Rocamadour. You don't know this path? [...] ...

More information : Brive Agglomération Tourist Office 
05 55 24 08 80


A young woman sits with her back on the edge of the outdoor pool of the Objat eco-pool

15 Nature

Sport and relaxation at the Objat eco-pool

Oh, the beautiful swimming pool surrounded by nature. Do you like to exercise? Perfect your crawl in a 25m outdoor pool [...] ...

Open : All year round - EcoPiscine d’Objat
05 55 25 82 94


Little girl holding a huge cabbage in her arms

16 Gastronomy

Treat yourself to the Brive market

“Isn’t my milhassou beautiful? And my purple mustard? » If cheerful gastronomy holds some mysteries for you, it is at the Brive summer market that you will unlock its secrets. [...] ...

Open : all year round, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday morning. Place du 14July - 19100 Brive-La-Gaillarde


View of the orchards of the owner of the Coteaux de la Vézère

17 Gastronomy

Taste the wines of the Vézère slopes

Wine and Vézère are serious. These two have known each other since the XNUMXth century when the first vines were planted on the hillsides above the peaceful river. [...] ...

Open : All year round - La Jugie, 19240 Allassac
05 55 25 24 60


Two children smell a very good dish

18 Gastronomy

Feast at the Tables Gaillardes

There were ten, ten chefs who wanted to carry high the colors of cheerful gastronomy. [...] ...

More information : Brive Agglomération Tourist Office.
05 55 24 08 80


The distillation of liqueurs: a key step

19 Gastronomy

Ode to Walnut

At the Denoix distillery, you will learn the great history of the cheerful aperitif! Here, between the copper cauldrons and the old still, [...] ...

Open : All year. 9, boulevard du Général Lyautey, 19100 Brive-La-Gaillarde.
Phone. : 05 55 74 34 27


Pea pods in the hands of a market gardener

20 Gastronomy

Delicacy authorized at the Objat market

Gourmand ? You know it's a cardinal sin. But, once a week, forget and enjoy the Objat market. [...] ...

Open : every Sunday morning


Melon stall at the Sainte-Féréole country market

21 Gastronomy

Enjoyable, these festive markets!

It's not too early ! Finally, markets that don’t start at dawn. They prefer the end of the afternoon when the summer sun, after a good day, is thinking of going to rest. [...] ...

Open : July and August from 17 p.m. throughout the territory. 


People tasting products purchased at Halle Gaillarde

22 Gastronomy

The Gaillard Hall, meeting place for gourmets

It's a market where we advise you to come with a large basket as the traders' stalls are so tempting. [...] ...

Open : From Tuesday to Sunday.


Saleswoman at the Lamy chocolate factory making a package

23 Gastronomy

Give in to temptation in front of the Lamy chocolate factory

In the heart of the town of Brive, one show never stops: that of the Lamy chocolate factory. [...] ...

Open : all year round from Monday afternoon to Saturday. 5, rue de l’Hôtel de Ville, 19100 Brive-La-Gaillarde. 
Such. : 05 55 18 91 26. 


Owner of Branceilles wine tasting it

24 Gastronomy

Ah! The good wines of Branceilles

Corrèze, land of wines? If you doubt it, taste the Branceilles wine. It had its heyday in the XNUMXth century before being torpedoed by phylloxera. [...] ...

Open : All year. Le Bourg, 19500 Branceilles.
05 55 84 09 01


Slate presenting different preparations of foie gras

25 Gastronomy

Make your own foie gras the gaillard way

What's better than enjoying foie gras? Savor a foie gras that you have made yourself. How to go about it ? [...] ...

More information : La Combe de Job (05 55 84 13 33), Maison Lepetit (05 55 86 91 81). 


walnut oil tasting at La Vie Contée

26 Gastronomy

And the walnut oil gushes out at the Moulin de la Vie Contée

Between Turenne and Collonges-la-Rouge, a century-old mill looked after by Anne and Cyrille presses walnuts as if it were still twenty years old. [...] ...

More information : The Story of Life - Ligneyrac
06 23 02 60 49


Children in disguise, Turenne castle

27 Cultural heritage

Playing the knight role in Turenne

If you want to perfect your knowledge of medieval architecture, go and admire the village of Turenne! [...] ...

More information : Brive Agglomeration Tourist Office. 
05 55 24 08 80


View from the Allassac Tower.

28 Cultural heritage

Conquering Allassac

You came to Allassac, you saw the Caesar Tower, you overcame vertigo to climb to its summit and from there you were able to contemplate at leisure the roofs clad in slates [...] ...

More information : Rue de la Tour César - 19240 Allassac
05 55 24 08 80


Family from behind going down a sunny alley in Donzenac.

29 Cultural heritage

Medieval atmosphere in Donzenac

With its slate roofs and narrow streets, the village of Donzenac cherishes its past. Here, in one of the oldest villages in Corrèze, we admire the Travassac slates [...] ...

More information : Brive Agglomération Tourist Office.
05 55 24 08 80


View of the Pompadour castle

30 Cultural heritage

Pompadour, Marquise of horses

By giving his favorite the superb Château de Pompadour, Louis XV at the same time offered her the title of Marquise de Pompadour. [...] ...

More information : Haras National de Pompadour.
05 55 98 99 27


A man and a woman, from behind, walking in an alley in Collonges

31 Cultural heritage

Under the charm of Collonges-La-Rouge

In Collonges-la-Rouge, you see red, but without ever being angry. Quite the contrary. You quickly fall under the spell of the red color of the stones of this medieval village [...] ...

More information : Brive Agglomération Tourist Office.
05 55 24 08 80


View of the Rocamadour sanctuary

32 Cultural heritage

Enjoy Rocamadour out of season

You can't pass by the area and not go to Rocamadour. This village suspended in the mountain, stuck between sky and earth, is a place of pilgrimage [...] ...

More information : Brive Agglomération Tourist Office.
05 55 24 08 80


View of the rear of the Saint-Martin collegiate church in Brive

33 Cultural heritage

Find a little peace and quiet at the Collegiate Church of Saint-Martin

Want a little peace and quiet and a hint of spirituality? Go to the Saint-Martin collegiate church in Brive. [...] ...

Open : All year. More information at the Brive Agglomération Tourist Office.
05 55 24 08 80


Wide angle view of cave entrance

34 Cultural heritage

Pilgrimage to the Caves of Saint-Antoine

We can imagine the work of the men who dug part of these cave-sanctuaries with their bare hands. In 1226, Saint Anthony of Padua retired here to do penance. [...] ...

Open : All year. 41, avenue Edmond Michelet, 19100 Brive-La-Gaillarde.
05 55 24 10 60


A couple walking through the streets of Brive and shopping

35 Cultural heritage

Stroll around Brive

It is said to be cheerful, but it is also sumptuous, the old town of Brive... Saint-Martin Collegiate Church, Aldermen's Tower, Labenche Museum [...] ...

More information : Brive Agglomération Tourist Office. 
Tel .: 05 55 24 08 80


Church of Saint-Robert, in the evening when it is illuminated

36 Cultural heritage

Saint-Robert, one of the most beautiful villages in France

Open your eyes and ears wide: Saint-Robert is one of the most beautiful villages in France. Its assets: old stately homes, narrow streets, remains of fortified gates, [...] ...

More information : Festival in July and August. 
Phone. : 05 55 24 08 80


Two young girls look at the cloister through an open window of the abbey

37 Cultural heritage

Following the footsteps of Coco Chanel

When the building goes, everything goes! This could have been the motto of the Cistercians, tireless building monks between the XNUMXth and XNUMXth centuries. [...] ...

Open : From February 1 to November 30.
05 55 87 39 52


View of Terrasson and the Vézère from the heights of the city

38 Cultural heritage

Let's take a walk in Terrasson

Under the Pont Vieux flows the Vézère. As you lean over, you see your reflection in the water and that of the old buildings lined up on the quays. [...] ...

More information : Les Jardins de l’Imaginaire, Place de Genouillac, 24120 Terrasson.
05 53 50 86 82


View of the Saint-Pierre de Beaulieu abbey church from a barge on the Dordogne

39 Cultural heritage

Go back in time by boat along the Dordogne

Do you want to go back in time? Do it on the "Limousin Riviera", by boarding the "Adèle et Clarisse", a barge that will take you on the Dordogne [...]...

Open : From May 1 to October 31.
Phone. : 05 55 91 09 94


Wide view of Hautefort Castle and part of its gardens

40 Cultural heritage

Château de Hautefort and its elegant garden

Around the year XNUMX, Lord Guy de Lastours knew nothing about topiary, this art consisting of pruning trees and shrubs in an architectural manner. [...] ...

More information : Château de Hautefort, 24390 Hautefort.
05 53 50 51 23


Exterior view of the Edmond Michelet museum in Brive

41 Cultural heritage

In the footsteps of resistance fighter Edmond Michelet

Edmond Michelet, does that mean something to you? It is in the home of this early resistance fighter that a Resistance museum was created. [...] ...

Open : All year. 4 rue Champanatier, 19100 Brive-La-Gaillarde.
05 55 74 06 08


evening of the Brive festival in 2022 with a view from the crowd.

42 Activities

Sun and big atmosphere at the Brive Festival

Under the cobblestones of Brive lies the sand of its festival! Every year in July, he reappears. [...] ...

More information : From July 21 to 24, 2022
05 55 24 08 80


The CAB captain returns to the field before facing Pau

43 Activities

The legendary Brive rugby club

To admire Brivists in their natural environment, head to the Stadium on a match day. It is in this den of the Ovalie that CA Brive has played since 1921. [...] ...

Open : Matches to follow all year round
05 55 74 20 14


A little girl strokes the muzzle of a Limousine cow

44 Activities

A large farm in the heart of Brive

Eating well is worth it. Go to the “livestock festival, from raising well to eating well”, at the end of August, in the heart of Brive, and discover the giant farm set up on site. [...] ...

Open : August 27 and 28, 2022 - Place du 14 Juillet, 19100 Brive-La-Gaillarde.


View of the estate with the pond

45 Activities

Classically yours at the Vézère Festival

Here is summer and with it the return of the Vézère festival dedicated to classical music. The first concert takes place within the walls of the Château de Saillant [...] ...

Open : July and August
05 55 23 25 09


46 Activities

Culture feast

Literature lover, at the Brive Book Fair, you will quench your thirst for culture. [...] ...

Open : From November 4 to 6, 2022.


view of the tricolor cockade of the fairs hung on a duck

47 Activities

Gourmet pleasures of a Grasse Fair

A Saturday between Advent and the beginning of March. There are crowds under the Georges Brassens hall in Brive-la-Gaillarde. [...] ...

Open : Between November and March.
05 55 24 08 80


48 Cultural heritage

Discover local history at the Labenche museum

You who are eager for local history, what if you treat yourself to a visit to the Labenche museum? [...] ...



visit to the Lascaux parietal museum by a family

49 Cultural heritage

To Lascaux you will go

Around 17 years ago, in a place on Earth that was not yet called Périgord or Dordogne, Cro-Magnon man worked hard to paint animals [...] ...

Open : All year. Avenue de Lascaux, 24290 Montignac. More information on 05 53 50 99 10.


A family looks at the landscape from the top of Castelnaud castle in Dordogne

50 Cultural heritage

Dordogne, land of castles

As there are mushroom corners, there are castle corners. The Dordogne is one of them. Between the XNUMXth and XNUMXth centuries, castles grew along the valley. [...] ...

More information : Brive Agglomération Tourist Office.
05 55 24 08 80


Low-angle view of a young woman installed in the basket of a hot air balloon

51 Nature

The sky is yours

The sun has just risen and the inflation of the balloon is finally finished. Hop! You jump into the basket. One blast of the burner and the hot air balloon takes off smoothly [...] ...

More information : Corrèze Montgolfière- Le Bichet, 19350 Juillac.
06 83 43 36 01


Close-up of the cut of a truffle

52 Gastronomy

The wedding of Sarlat and truffles

In Sarlat, you will inevitably fall under the spell of an ancient town like no other. If you go there in mid-January, you will inevitably also fall under the spell of the truffle [...] ...

Open : Truffle festival mid-January, Place de la Liberté in Sarlat. More information: 05 53 31 45 45.


Interior view of the Boutique at 24 rue de la République in Brive

53 Activities

The mustaches from the 100% Gaillard boutique

Do you want to impress your grandmother, delight your little sister or get your mother-in-law in your pocket for good? A solution: a stop at the 100% Gaillard boutique [...] ...

Open : from Tuesday to Saturday. 24 rue de la République in Brive-La-Gaillarde.
Such. :09 81 98 16 55