View of the rear of the Saint-Martin collegiate church in Brive

Brive-La-Gaillarde, located in the south of Corrèze, is a town steeped in history and charm. Its historic center is full of architectural treasures that deserve to be discovered. The city has no fewer than 120 remarkable buildings that bear witness to its glorious past.

The tourist office lighthouse

The old water tower which now houses the tourist office reception offers a map of the city and warmly welcomes you for tailor-made advice. You can also climb to the top of the lighthouse to admire a wide panorama of the Cité Gaillarde!

Everything you need to know about the Lighthouse

Group taking a guided tour and gathered in front of the Brive Lighthouse

You can also consult the map of Brive city center below:

Brive Markets

A must-see in this city, the Halle Georges Brassens is the weekly meeting place for market enthusiasts (Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings). You will find all the local gastronomic specialties. Here you will find the products of our regions which contribute to the reputation of the gaillard gastronomy.

L’Empreinte, the theater

We then pass in front of the Empreinte Theater  (19th century): The theaters of Treize Arches in Brive and Sept Collines in Tulle, joined forces, their perspectives and their teams to become a National Stage of eclectic cultural programming, to become an integrated transmitter of knowledge and emotion to a large urban and rural territory, to become a common breath linking paradigms rich in possibilities.

The Saint-Liberal chapel

Via rue de Corrèze, you can access the former Saint-Libéral chapel (15th century), which has become a venue for exhibitions and cultural events since 1980.

Further up, rue Majour, we pass in front of the birthplace of Jean-Baptiste Firmin Marbeau, creator of crèches where small children are cared for. He is famous for this even in the United States: so Gaillard!

Culture side

  • The Labenche Museum (16th century) houses magnificent tapestries and numerous Art and History collections. 
  • The Resistance and Deportation Museum was the very house of Edmond Michelet (fighter of the great Resistance and minister). 
  • The main courtyard of the Town Hall, “the College of Doctrinaires” (17th century). 

We end in style with: Denoix Distillery, living Heritage company since 1839. After tasting the angels' share, go touch the sky at the Saint-Antoine caves (place of pilgrimage).  

The Gaillarde brand store

Located at 24 rue de la République, the 100% Gaillard store offers you a large choice of derivative products in the Gaillard spirit. For men, women and children, shirts, sweaters, down jackets... you're sure to find what you're looking for.

The Saint-Martin collegiate church

The Saint-Martin collegiate church (12th century) has been at the heart of Brive since its origins and its apparent coherence hides many surprises! The archaeological remains of the crypt, the Romanesque capitals of the choir and the transept, the neo-Limousin bell tower are only part of the treasures revealing its long history.

Don't forget to take a look around the collegiate church where there are many houses and the aldermen's tower dating from the Renaissance.

Our tip Find some peace at the Saint-Martin collegiate church

View of the rear of the Saint-Martin collegiate church in Brive

Want a little peace and quiet and a hint of spirituality? Go to the Saint-Martin collegiate church in Brive. Outside, welcoming benches invite you to take your time. Once inside, there is silence, contemplation and wandering. Rebuilt over the centuries, this collegiate church houses a transept and a 13th century dome. In the crypt, with free access, you can see the remains of the previous basilica.

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