Since 2014, the 100% Gaillard brand intends to promote the values ​​and actions of the 49 municipalities constituting the Brive Basin urban community.

The brand story

In 2014 the territory saw its organization shaken up by the transition to a large urban area, from 16 to 49 municipalities. This significant change in scale initiates a reflection on a new brand platform adapted to this new territory. From 2014, the idea was to have a common banner under which we could communicate together: one for all, all gaillards! 

Three men wear clothes from the 100% Gaillard brand

A brand based on the values ​​of the territory and its inhabitants

Values, common actions for the same ambition: promoting the destination based on the assets of the 49 municipalities. The brand platform therefore made it possible, in consultation with local stakeholders, to define the key elements for promoting the territory. This work made it possible to define the personality of the territory: energy, vigor, ardor, pugnacity, team spirit, simplicity, sincerity, pride which can sometimes be vanity, excessive epicureanism: that's being gaillard! 

What makes the difference in this territory are the inhabitants, an added value on which we relied to create the solid foundation of the brand platform and on which we still rely today. 

Intravenous injected mustache

Both residents and our visitors can carry the values ​​of our brand loud and clear thanks to the products from the 100% Gaillard Boutique, which can be found here.

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