It's the story of a wonderful meeting of cooks, all qualified in cooking, owners of their establishments, practicing a unique cuisine based on fresh products, favoring short circuits.


Les tables Gaillardes: cheerful and responsible cooks!

  1. Chefs are fervent defenders of our culinary heritage: “We are what we eat”. In Corrèze, we are generous, authentic and have character!
  2. The cuisine of Tables Gaillardes is both local cuisine and inventive cuisine.
  3. The dishes on the menu vary according to the seasons and the fresh products that can be found on the market stalls.

Who are these restaurateurs?

“Les Tables Gaillardes” is an Association of Brive cooks created on April 19, 2013. The Chefs have written a Quality charter which presents the values ​​of the Association. Every 2 years, the association publishes a quirky guide to Chefs. It is available free of charge at the Brive Tourist Office as well as in the Tables gaillardes restaurants.

This good food association launched “Les Tables Gaillardes”, a serious action without taking itself seriously, by coming together around a strong idea: to make people talk about them and promote Briviste and authentic gastronomy. Les Toqués du Goût highlight good humor as well as local products, two of the characteristics of Brive! 

Les Tables Gaillardes: the objectives

  1. Spread their passion for cooking to the general public by associating it with tastings
  2. Develop a guide that will highlight the products they like to work with
  3. Being a recognized partner and listened to locally when it comes to talking about gastronomy, unique cuisine, local products, etc.
    To write to them:; You can also find them on their Facebook page Les Tables Gaillardes.

The Chefs' Challenge

In 2020, Brive Tourisme launched a challenge to the chefs of Tables Gaillardes : make a recipe that is easy to reproduce, from a local product chosen at random. Each cook also had to respect a production constraint. This Challenge was successfully met and gave rise to some great discoveries. 

Photo of the Gaillardes tables group

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En Cuisine


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Our tip Feast at the Tables Gaillardes

The Chef of the restaurant En Cuisine exchanges with his customers

There were ten, ten chefs who wanted to carry high the colors of cheerful gastronomy. With “Les tables gaillardes” and their quality charter, raw (and cooked....) cuisine is accessible to everyone. Everyone has their own style, but they all have in common the taste for a well-made and inventive dish. Throw away your pig, great chef my friend: you will see, you too will get more...

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