A typically local product, Violette mustard is only found in Gaillarde lands.

Among the famous condiments of Corrèze, there is one whose reputation is well established: purple mustard. The Denoix house has indeed taken over the torch of production after a slump in the product.

Its history dates back to the XNUMXth century. Pope Clement VI, born in Corrèze, brought a mustard maker to Avignon to prepare this famous mustard. Mr. Jaubertie, originally from Tulle, was appointed. His mission was so successful that he became “Grand Mustardier of the Pope”.

Bernard Denoix, in 1986, had the good idea to revive this forgotten recipe for our greatest pleasure. As they like to say: “we brought this fairy in a purple dress out of oblivion”. Regarding its composition, make no mistake: there is no violet at all! Its color is solely due to the presence of grape juice, there is no artificial coloring.

This mustard, both sweet and spicy, will go perfectly with cold meats, stews, savory dishes, black pudding and fish. It is also used for marinades or to deglaze pans after cooking meat by adding crème fraîche.