Institutional raw distiller, alchemist of flavors, revealer of spiritual substances…

We are lucky to have, in Brive la Gaillarde, two typically local distilleries who perpetuate the ancestral production of local liqueurs and aperitifs: The Denoix distillery and the Bellet distillery.

These two institutions do not travel the paths of our countryside, they do not set up their nomadic stills from village to hamlet at the bend of an undergrowth... You do not bring your basins of fermented fruit into which you have carelessly added sugar to increase the alcohol content of your hooch... No, our distillers are artists, they work and adjust liqueurs and beverages by revealing and mixing a thousand flavors... Obviously, they work with local products like nuts for example, but they are also inspired by plants from elsewhere… a world to discover in short!

The Denoix Distillery

Founded in 1839 in Brive-la-Gaillarde by Pierre Lacoste, then later with Louis Denoix. What follows five generations of transmissions to arrive today at the duo Marie and Paul who joined the family business in 2019.  

The distillery has always perpetuated the ancestral production of local liqueurs and aperitifs. The products offered are made from nuts and other fruits.

By working in the same conditions as in the XNUMXth century, the Denoix distillery preserves valuable heritage and know-how. She is precisely labeled Living Heritage Company.

View of the large vintage vats of the Denoix Distillery

Regarding the products, the distillery offers a wide range of classic or original liqueurs such as the 25° chocolate liqueur, without forgetting their “star” liqueur: La Suprême Denoix 30°, awarded in 2011 by the general agricultural competition. She received the silver medal.

Different aperitifs are also offered such as the “ QuinquiNut 17° » who also received a silver medal at the general agricultural competition in 2011.

In addition to their alcohol production, they also specialize in, purple mustard (based on grape must).

Denoix Distillery
9, Boulevard du Maréchal Lyautey
05 55 74 34 27

The Bellet Distillery

Member of the duo of our local distilleries, the Bellet distillery is a local company as we like them.

Since its creation in 1922 by Henri Bellet, the store has reinvented itself to stay the course. It is always at the same address: avenue du Maréchal-Bugeaud in Brive la Gaillarde.

It is now Henri's grandson, Bernard Chastanet, who has taken over for several years.

Bottles of Bellet liqueur: Gentiane

Many of their products are bestsellers like their very first liqueur made from an infusion of cherry and morello cherries: guignolet. For anise lovers, you will find different pastis including the first green pastis in France which is a mixture of anise and verbena. Also try their famous, typically local chestnut liqueur, as well as their gentian drinks.

Other drinks are offered such as fruit liqueurs, fruit creams and other white waters.

You will definitely find what you are looking for... Go visit him and he will be able to advise you and tell you his story.

Bellet Distillery
3, avenue Maréchal Bugeaud
19100 Brive-la-Gaillarde
05 55 24 18 07

The Louis Roque Distillery: 

In Souillac, in the Lot, let yourself be tempted by the discovery of the Louis Roque Distillery Museum, with its warm colors where the copper of the stills rubs shoulders with presses, conges, filters and cauldrons.

This visit to the distillery will immerse you in the purest respect for the traditions making our region a place full of riches.

They will share with you the serene silence of the cellars where the eaux-de-vie slowly mature in old oak barrels. There you will see the staff manually filling, waxing and labeling the bottles in the purest respect of tradition.

Louis Roque Distillery
41, Avenue Jean Jaurès
05 65 32 78 16

View of bottles