What to do today?

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So, you have exhausted all your activity forecasts or you prefer to live day by day... this page can be useful to you in making your choice or guiding your decisions. There are plenty of events in the country and they go in all directions... from a quiet little garage sale to a lively concert, including an event that's a little more sporting than festive. .. Everything is possible (or almost), we tell you everything (or almost) what is happening today in Brive.

Have a good day and a nice evening... And see you tomorrow for new, fresh information!

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Exhibition: Sacred Family (Cultural Center)


From February 5, 2024 to February 29, 2024

Spring of Poets: Conference by Sébastien Lemerle (Centre Media Library)


From February 8, 2024 to March 8, 2024

Exposure: Up Close. From afar (University campus)


From February 1, 2024 to March 15, 2024

Exhibition: Works (Saint Liberal Chapel)


From February 29, 2024 to March 17, 2024

Discovery workshop 2024: Mosaic (cultural center)


From January 1, 2024 to April 30, 2024