In Gaillardes lands, welcome and friendliness are not empty words. The Book Train is an example: as soon as Parisian authors take their place on this train, they become acquainted with Corrèze hospitality and epicureanism. 

The legend of the Brive Book Fair

It was written partly between the capital and here... In November, authors, writers and publishers from the four corners of the world seem inexorably drawn to Brive-la-Gaillarde. Without a doubt, for the pleasure of meeting at the confluence of Limousin, Quercy and Périgord, the inhabitants and colorful local figures of this heart of France. However, it could also be linked to the pleasures of the taste buds, which in our region can have unique and captivating experiences!

View of a book suspended in the air

The cholesterol train

Furthermore, legend has it that the celebrations begin as soon as our artists set foot on the train departing from the Capital. The Paris-Brive has been renamed by teasing minds who know what they are talking about: the cholesterol train! While everyone knows it, our good products don't hurt anyone. But we also know that we must savor and that we must come back to see us regularly, rather than swallowing everything at once...