With more than a million visitors per year, Rocamadour is one of the most popular tourist sites in France. So, you might as well prepare your visit in advance. Here is our practical guide to Rocamadour containing some information that could be very useful to you.

Where to park in Rocamadour?

Car parks near Rocamadour

Five large paid car parks are available in Rocamadour. P1 (L'Hospitalet), P3 (Les Garennes) and P4 (Le Garroustié) are located on the plateau and are the furthest from the city. P2 (The Castle) is located just above the shrine next to the Castle. P5 (La Vallée) is located at the bottom of the Alzou canyon. Motorhomes, vans and buses can only park on P1, P2 and P4 and camping is prohibited.

The first 20 minutes of parking are free, then a day pass is required. It is possible to take a weekly pass. For motorhomes, vans and buses, a daily fee is required. At night, parking is free for cars and motorbikes but not for motorhomes, vans and buses.

For people with reduced mobility, many places are reserved for them in the P2 car park. Plus, parking is free for them.

Finally, a charging station for electric cars is available in the hamlet of L'Hospitalet, behind the service station.

Parking in Rocamadour

In the village of Rocamadour, it is possible to park in blue zone spaces (free parking but limited to 20 minutes) or in paid spaces. But you should know that access to the village is restricted for motorized vehicles from 11 a.m. to 19 p.m. in summer, a period of high tourist influx. Access is only possible upon presentation of proof.

Accessibility to Rocamadour

The site is largely accessible by wheelchair but also by stroller. Only the Notre-Dame chapel and the Saint-Sauveur basilica are difficult to access because of the stairs leading to them. But to get to the rest of the sanctuary, you can:

  • take the Stations of the Cross built on a gentle slope.
  • take one of the two elevators connecting the Castle, the sanctuary and the village. The inclined elevator takes you to the Michelet esplanade via the Château car park. Please note, it is not open all year round. It is payable from 8 years old. Information on 05 65 33 67 79. The Rocamadour elevator allows you to reach the sanctuary via the village. Information on 05 65 33 62 44.
  • board the little train connecting the Vallée car park and the village. It runs from the beginning of April to the end of September, from 10 a.m. or 10:30 a.m. to 19:30 p.m. (Paid)

How to visit Rocamadour?

Sanctuary opening hours

The sanctuary is open all year round but the opening and closing times of the doors vary depending on the period. The best is to consult the sanctuary website at the following address: www.sanctuairerocamadour.com.

Visit Rocamadour independently

Rocamadour can be visited in total autonomy. In this specific case, several options are available to you depending on where you parked your vehicle.

  • From car parks P1, P3 and P4, you follow the pilgrim's path to the village and you access the sanctuary by the large staircase.
  • From parking lot P2, you go down to the sanctuary by the Stations of the Cross then to reach the village, you go down by the large staircase.
  • Via the P5 car park, you access the village by small train (or not) and you climb the large staircase to arrive at the sanctuary.

It takes several hours for each of the three circuits.

Guided tours of Rocamadour

Alone or in a group, it is possible to visit Rocamadour in the company of a tour guide. Information from the Dordogne Valley tourist office, Rocamadour office in L'Hospitalet, on 05 65 33 22 00.

Where to picnic in Rocamadour?

Want a quiet lunch break in a bucolic setting? You can sit in one of the picnic areas set up in the five large car parks.

It is also possible to picnic on the Sainte-Véronique esplanade located near the Stations of the Cross or next to the Dordogne Valley tourist office, in the hamlet of L'Hospitalet. Shaded lawns await you there.

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