Head to the Vézère gorges for a circuit along the slate!

Varetz and the Colette Gardens

Let's go to Varetz to visit the gardens dedicated to the very well-konwn Colette. Life journey, botany, living wicker labyrinth and giant games: something to delight both kids and adults!

Not to be missed: during Easter celebrations, summer nights and Halloween, the gardens offer specific activities!

A little girl walks from behind in the paths of the Jardins de Colette in Varetz

Donzenac and the Pans de Travassac

Then stroll up to Donzenac, north of Brive, lordship which once belonged to Catherine de Medici. Discover an original and intimate medieval heritage with one of the last houses of the 13th century, the Chapel of the Pénitents… 

Nearby, the still operated slate site “ Pans de Travassac », immense slate walls immerse you in another dimension during the season. The excellent quality of slate allowed this material to be selected to cover Mont-Saint-Michel during its restoration. Passion and know-how are at the heart of this unique visit!

Allassac and the Caesar Tower

Then, detour to Allassac, seat of Country of Art and History Vézère Slate. The 14th century fortified church with beautiful Baroque furniture and the Caesar Tower (“overlord tower”) from where you will have a nice view of the countryside, waiting for you to take a trip back to the past.

A father carries his daughter on his shoulders and they look towards the César d'Allassac tower

The Saillant and the stained glass windows of Marc Chagall

Continue to Voutezac-Le Saillant to observe the medieval six-arch bridge and the Chapel (only monument in France where all the stained glass windows are by Marc Chagall)! Take a sip and taste wines from the Coteaux de la Vézère, wines that smell like tradition and terroir.

Sainte-Féréole and the local farmers’ market

For a well-deserved rest and a guaranteed good atmosphere, enjoy the tables at the local farmers' market in Sainte-Féréole on Thursday evenings! Let yourself be carried away by the local delicacies offered and the festive climate.

A family buys melons at the Sainte-Féréole farmers’ market

Our little tip

Download the application Videoguide New Aquitaine for a discovery of heritage at your own pace.


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