The authors enjoy meeting up in our Gaillards bars and ending the evening at the Cardinal, which has become, over the years, THE essential place.

Authors delighted to come to Brive

A legend tells that once a year, in November, authors from all over France and beyond go to Brive-la-Gaillarde in the heart of France, aboard the Train Cholesterol!

In addition to the literary aspect and the pleasure of interacting with their readers, everyone knows that by coming to Brive, they are guaranteed to eat well and party, because here, it is in our nature. And we wonderfully complement all the ingredients of good spirit and good pulpit…

Share a drink and talk literature

The Brive Book Fair is always a weekend ideal for meeting and discussing between enthusiasts. So what could be better than sharing a drink together in one of our bars guys, talk about our latest literary favorites or simply get to know each other!

Wine glasses placed on a bar during an evening

Ending your evenings... in a nightclub

We all have very good memories of fun evenings over drinks (well, several) between simple visitors and authors. Because here, the question “What do we do next?” » does not arise. For the more party-loving among you, perhaps you would dare to go to Cardi, our 100% fun nightclub. We assure you that you will dance until the end of the night. And I promise, you are sure to come across your favorite authors in this now iconic place!

Be careful though... To make the party even crazier, don't hesitate to call before ending it: Allo Brive Radio Taxi on 05 55 24 24 24.