As a starter or main course, accompanied by potatoes or small vegetables, steamed or boiled, we can say it: calf's head is a dish with flavor!

If some prefer it with a ravigote sauce (vinaigrette sauce with added capers, parsley, chervil, tarragon and chopped onions), others set their sights on it when it is served with a gribiche sauce (made of eggs, shallots and pickles)!

Calf's head and history

A typical French dish, calf's head is traditionally eaten in winter and more particularly on January 21. On this day in 1793, Louis XVI was beheaded and since then, the heirs of the sans-culottes have commemorated the fall of the absolute monarchy by divine right by tasting this dish, a symbol of the “pig king”.

Ingredients presented to prepare the calf's head

Which restaurants offer veal head?

Calf's head, a favorite dish of the late President Jacques Chirac, proudly appears in our local recipe books.
Notice to amateurs! For your greatest pleasure, some of our chefs offer it to you in their establishments: