We can't talk about Corrèze dishes without talking about mic and salty dishes!
The mic is a thick leavened dough (a sort of ball of bread) cooked over a low heat in a broth accompanied by vegetables and a little salt.

Poached in broth, hot or cold, for breakfast or dinner, Mique is available whenever you want, especially when you're hungry.

Origin of mic 

On days when we didn't turn on the bread oven, we cooked the dough in the broth from which the stew was cooked. This gave a crustless bread where only the crumb was cooked, hence the cooked crumb became the crumb!

Little gourmet tip: if you have some leftover meat, you can always cut it into slices and brown it in a little butter, combined with honey or jam, it's delicious!

Presentation of the mic with meat and vegetables

Restaurants where to eat the mic 

Notice to amateurs! For your greatest pleasure, some of our chefs offer it to you in their establishments: